How Lawyers Should Ask For Help When They Need It Most

By Law Firm Suites - August 4, 2020
How Lawyers Should Ask For Help When They Need It Most

Learn about the three different groups of people you should seek out when you and your practice need help.

Just as success leaves clues, so do failures. And many would even go as far as to say that those failures are even more beneficial than success. As a lawyer and entrepreneur, you will learn a lot from the failures of others as well as yourself. But that doesn’t mean that you have to fail alone without any guidance or advice from anyone else. Everyone needs a support system and there isn’t a successful lawyer anywhere in the world that has reached that level without help. The key is knowing when to ask for help when you need it most. 

The tricky part about this is that the mentality of most lawyers can hold them back from asking for help. There is a massive drive for most lawyers to always sound intelligent and informed. Lawyers respect competence in others, which means they are most likely insecure about sounding incompetent to their clients and peers. And unfortunately, this idea of being perceived as smart and competent can force some lawyers to struggle on their own instead of asking for help. 

But this shouldn’t be the case, there are several people or groups that you should have to support you. They should be your first stop when it comes to asking for help. Follow this article to learn more about those groups and how they are ultimately going to help your practice and business grow more than you could ever do on your own.

Coworkers or Staff

If you are working in a small or larger law firm then this tip is for you. While you’re focusing on growing, running, and expanding your practice, your staff members are working in your business. They are the ones who manage the day-to-day operations, client relations, administration, and workflow. They have opinions and a viewpoint that is very different from yours.

Encourage your employees to come forward and share that insightful information with you when they want, but don’t hesitate to come to them and ask for their help as well. It’s hugely valuable and can keep your practice moving in the right direction. Don’t shy away from the sometimes challenging and honest conversations that you collectively work through together. Not only will this prevent you from spinning your wheels and getting bogged down with certain challenges, but will also create a better more productive work environment for your everyone. 


Solo practice is a very different animal than working within a law firm. When you work within someone else’s structure, there is sociability that accompanies your paycheck. But when you’re a solo or small firm lawyer, those casual conversations and helpful tokens advice can be hard to come by.

Therefore, one of the most impactful relationships that you can grow is one with a smart and experienced mentor.

The earlier you can seek out that mentor, the better off your practice will be. Mentors are important through every stage of your law firm, providing legal and business advice that they have gathered from their own experiences. By frequently meeting with a mentor you can often resolve issues before getting to the point where you need to ask for help, but even if you do cross that threshold, they should be one of the first people you reach out to for advice. Building a strong relationship with a mentor will allow you to grow and take yourself and your practice to new heights.

Successful entrepreneurs and law firm owners are often humble people. Being humble and open also means you’re not only looking for new mentors all the time but also willing to be a mentor to others as well. Sharing your opinion and offering advice to your peers will help you to grow your firm as well.

Mastermind Group

A mastermind is a group of peers who meet regularly to help each other navigate through business challenges using the collective intelligence of others, share business development tips, and sometimes, referrals.

It’s like combining the regularity and discipline of a networking group, with the power and accountability of a board of directors.

Ultimately, the group helps you anticipate and resolve challenges, makes sure you continue to progress towards your goals, and keeps you accountable to taking the actions necessary to achieve your goals. Also, to find success in a mastermind, be candid with your fellow mastermind members about your successes and failures, because you can learn more from failure than success. If used effectively this group system would be a great place to go for help and advice, as well as somewhere you will be held accountable to your commitments, which will go a long way towards getting you through a tough situation.

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