Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

By Law Firm Suites - July 19, 2020
Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

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We’ve gathered the top performing Law Firm Suites blog articles of the week. Take a look and see what interests you!

1.  How Lawyers Can Get The Most Out Of Their Home Office Situation

For those new to remote working, we wanted to share some tips lawyers can use to elevate their work-from-home experience. Take a look for yourself, soak up the advice, and start to improve your law firm’s remote working techniques.

2.  3 Ways Lawyers Can Fortify Their Entrepreneurial Spirit

Having a strong entrepreneurial spirit is an essential character trait needed for lawyers hope to build, develop, and grow a successful law firm. Spirit is what separates the entrepreneurial winners from losers and those who’s firms fail to reach their full potential. Set yourself up for success and grow your practice by strengthening your entrepreneurial spirit.

3.  3 Tips for Creating a Memorable Law Firm Brand [Infographic]

Creating and using the best brand image is a hard thing to get right. Thankfully the business card pros at Vistaprint Corporate have come to share their wisdom. They have put together this incredibly helpful infographic that outlines three ways for brands to improve their visual identities to create a lasting impression. So take a look, see what tips they suggest and make some changes to your law firm’s brand to ensure you’re not losing any customers before they ever speak with you.

4.  6 Phrases You’ll Never Hear From Successful Lawyers

It is so important for you to realize the power of your thoughts and the things you say to yourself and others. These phrases define how you think, how you act in and around your practice, and how your peers and clients perceive you. What you might think is incredibly important and will mold not only your day but your entire career and the lifespan of your practice without you even realizing it. Here are six phrases that will hold you back and that you won’t find any successful lawyers using.

5.  How Lawyers Can Drastically Improve Their Email Marketing With One Simple Tip

Every lawyer should be using email marketing to increase their reach and get more clients. It isn’t hard to set up or organize, it’s scalable and perfect for the remaining top of mind with leads and referral sources alike. So if you really want to grow your law firm or simply boost your bottom line and get more clients then here are several reasons why using a CRM that works with your email marketing software is a must.

6.  Law Firm Marketing: 7 Tips For Winning More Clients With PPC

Did you know PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors? PPC can provide a huge boost to your law firm’s marketing strategy, but paid ads can be difficult to master. In such circumstances, the question is not whether to use PPC advertising or not, but rather how to do it in a way that guarantees the best possible outcome. We will try to guide you through the process, so keep reading to learn seven tips for winning more clients with PPC.

7.  Why Shared Law Office Space Is A Safer And Cheaper Option

No matter if you have been practicing for 30 years or you are fresh out of law school, the office that you choose to practice out of can make a massive difference in the success of your practice. Learn the benefits of shared law office space and why other lawyers are making the switch.

8.  Tips to Help Law Firms Build a Business and Financial Disaster Plan

Now is the time to learn from the experience that we are all going through and prepare your firm’s disaster plan for the future. Regardless of what life cycle your practice is in, this article will highlight six different tips for business, financial, and operational planning during Covid-19 that can help keep your practice right on line.

9.  How To Get New Clients Virtually

Successfully networking online will immensely boost the number of contact opportunities you have. This translates to increased chances of obtaining new clients, a.k.a. new income. Whether you succeed or not in getting new clients is contingent on your actions or lack of. Here are three tips that might be beneficial in helping you obtain new business through this period of time and hopefully, afterward!

10.  5 Tips To Help Lawyers Build Rapport With New Clients

What are some of the best ways your law firm can build rapport with clients, especially in the early stages of the relationship? These 5 tips will help ensure you and your clients build happy relationships that will keep them coming back as well as referring you to their peers.

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