Everything Lawyers Need To Know About Marketing on LinkedIn

By Law Firm Suites - June 2, 2020
Everything Lawyers Need To Know About Marketing on LinkedIn

Guest author Frank Hamilton shares his top tips on how lawyers can get the most out of LinkedIn marketing.

Using LinkedIn for business development is a very good idea. Perhaps, one of the best if you are working in the b2b segment. With regard to legal practice, your professional image is of great importance and LinkedIn provides powerful tools to aid its creation and growth. Plus, there are more additional LinkedIn features discussed in this article that every lawyer needs to know.

Why LinkedIn for Lawyers Is a Good Choice

So, why should you make LinkedIn a priority social network for business development? Here are a few features that you should be taking advantage of.

Find new clients

LinkedIn is a social network for business, which means it is a good opportunity to reach companies, not individuals. That is, if your customers are corporate entities, then LinkedIn will become a good bridge between you and them. For example, if you specialize in labor relations, tax law for domestic or foreign companies, are able to help in signing international contracts or protect the interests of a company in the court, here you may find a lot of clients who may be in need of legal consultation, support, and protection. 

Manage your reputation

LinkedIn is a good platform to build your reputation, mainly due to your experience, as well as feedback from colleagues and clients. Moreover, it is almost impossible to fake reviews on LinkedIn, making it one of the more reliable platforms. And by the way, your potential clients are also aware of this.

Become visible in Google Search

Google has its own search engine ranking mechanism when it comes to profiles on social networks. But if for some reason, your site has not yet reached the top of the search, or Google could not find it, there is a chance that the user will see your profile on LinkedIn.

(Side note, be sure to sign up for Google My Business and pay attention to your SEO strategy as well.)

Hire new talent

LinkedIn has a pool of not only customers but also qualified candidates and talents that can be useful when growing your practice. Do not ignore this opportunity, especially since it is possible to look for suitable candidates even for free and quickly get to know them face to face. It is also a good place to look for remote employees and partners since you can search for candidates based on skills and experience, not just on their proximity to your office.

Discover what your competitors are doing

If you’re not using social media, specifically LinkedIn, to check in on your competition then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. We do not urge you to spy, but we just want to remind you that it can be very useful to watch what your competitors are doing to build your own, more advanced promotion and operational strategies.

Subscribe to high-quality content

One of LinkedIn’s best qualities is that it is a purely professional social network. Here you will not see photos of cats and will not be forced to read abuse on political topics, like on other social channels. More often than not, content on LinkedIn is better and cleaner from subjective ratings. Therefore, join the LinkedIn legal community, read expert posts, subscribe to the profiles you are interested in, and continue your training and growth as an entrepreneur and lawyer.

LinkedIn Attorney Promotion Step-by-Step

You should definitely now understand why you need LinkedIn. Now let’s figure out how to work with it effectively.

Define a niche

It is always better to have a specific niche that you serve with your practice, to be the go-to resource for a specific group or people or business. Your niche is going to be specific to your firm making it easier for both you to find your target niche but also for them to find you! The quicker you can define and become the go-to resource for your niche, the strong your LinkedIn presence will become.

Make your profile appealing

It doesn’t make sense to start promotion on LinkedIn with an empty profile. Of course, you need to create either a personal profile or a company profile, fill in all the necessary columns, and indicate your work experience.

Pay particular attention to your bio and the logo or profile photo. These are the elements that will make a visual impression on your potential customers, so it is important to make the logo recognizable, the photo attractive, and bio informative.

Post content

The main key to promotion on LinkedIn is the ability to establish yourself as an expert in a specific niche. Of course, you don’t need to solve their all of their legal problems with content, but you do need to direct them in the right way. Building confidence and a relationship so they want to hire you to solve their legal matter. Take note of the main questions that customers ask you, select the most popular, and create a series of publications on that topic.

If the demands of your practice take all your time, you might want to enlist a content creation service. Try to select on that has professional freelance authors such as Online Writers Rating or the Best Writers Online custom writing reviews platforms.

Don’t ignore images and video

Even if you are a serious person and work with serious people, this does not mean that images and videos will be superfluous for LinkedIn publications. The first impression that someone will make based your LinkedIn profile is a visual one. Moreover, video marketing in itself has tremendous power now, and with the right approach and reasonable strategy, it can work successfully for a law firm as well.

Network and engage

The more connections you have and the more actively you engage in discussions, the better. Your LinkedIn profile must be lively and active in order to create a comprehensive impression of your professionalism.


LinkedIn is perfect for everyone, from a big law firm or solo attorney. As with any other social network, ads are paid, but it’s also worth a try after your profile collects enough connections, reviews, and publications.

 About the Author:

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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