7 Ways Attorneys Can Build Links for Their Websites

By Law Firm Suites - May 26, 2020
7 Ways Attorneys Can Build Links for Their Websites

Building links to your law firm’s website is essential is you ever hope to improve its search rank, thankfully this article will show you how to do just that.

Of course, you want your law firm’s website to take top positions in search results. After all, the better it turns out, the higher the probability of getting new customers, whose eyes most often stop precisely after the first 3-5 resources they see. Backlinks are one of the most effective and reliable ways to achieve higher ranking and visibility.

You can get links in different ways and you should use most of them if possible. Thus, your law firm will be able to stand out favorably and demonstrate its relevance to search engines and leads alike. So what is on our agenda today?

1. Designate Yourself in Legal Directories

Let’s start with the easiest strategy. To get on the list of companies practicing legal services, you just need to register on a similar resource and indicate your data. It’s mostly free, sometimes it’s a subscription-based model or a one-time payment.

It is important not to fall into the trap. There are many different directories and lists, and you do not need to register everywhere. Your goal is to find a directory with domain authority above 40, is well designed, frequently updated, and has a convenient and easy to use navigation system. If the resource looks unpresentable, it is difficult to navigate, or not all pages are displayed correctly, then it is better to stay away and find another list to display your practice on. It’s more trouble than it’s worth.

2. Support Social Media

When creating new content or writing an article, you can easily make an announcement about it on your Facebook or other social media profiles to boost the article and link, of course.

In addition to link building activities, social networks are also an excellent option for refreshing old content. If you see that a long-written but good article has been left out of the reader’s attention, you can update it, add relevant information and give it a second wind on social networks. Thus, killing two birds with one stone: perform the solemn resurrection of useful material and place another link.

3. Start Guest Posting

This can be a tricky strategy to master, but essentially guest posting involves attorneys publishing their content on third-party websites and receive a backlink. This can be cooperation with familiar resources, work with opinion leaders or the selection of thematic platforms on legal topics where your material will be relevant.

There are several things you need to do in order to make sure your guest post has the greatest impact possible. These factors include the credibility of the site where you are going to publish, the correct choice of anchor, location of the backlinks, etc. When working with articles for external placement and searching for platforms on your own, you risk not only making mistakes but also dragging out the process for ages.

To avoid this, you can use some effective modern tools. For example, ClickMinded helps you determine the domain authority of a website that you think is appropriate for your article. And well, if you are an adherent of turnkey solutions, then it makes sense to pay attention to LinksManagement: this is a Klondike of the most advanced link building technologies. They have a library of more than 8 million authoritative pages, links from which are very highly valued by search engines. Your climb to the top positions will be fast and professionally organized.

4. Use the Power of Reddit

Contrary to popular belief, this social platform is not only a place for memes and funny gifs. Legal groups also flourish on Reddit and have an impressive audience, discussing law firm operation tips, current legislative issues, and other problems that lawyers encounter.

Your task is to create an account and provide it with sufficient authority taking part in discussions and helping community members. After building some credibility within these legal focus subreddits, you can then carefully supplement your messages or answers with links to your website or articles.

It’s very important not to go too far and implement everything gradually: Redditors do not like intrusive advertising. So if your link doesn’t look natural, all preliminary work with your account can go down the drain.

5. Submit Stories Through HARO

This is a resource to help journalists gather various relevant information, news, and events. The data posted there can get wide coverage if it really has the appropriate quality and engaging presentation.

Attorneys can use this free platform to get links and at the same time increase credibility. The bottom line is to provide news or an up-to-date story that may contain a link to your site or your content. The more interesting your presentation, the higher the likelihood of receiving quotes.

6. Create Fascinating Infographics

A good visual representation of information is something that every visitor to your website will appreciate. This content format can easily and unobtrusively demonstrate complex statistics and figures, which would be absolutely uninteresting to read about if they were presented in the dry text.

Legal infographics also have a right to exist: tired of complex language and terms, the audience will love visually appealing pictures/concepts that are easy to understand and digest.

So take the time to create this type of content. It can be placed as part of an article, on social networks, or both. Also, allow third-party resources to use it with a link to your site. Simple and effective.

7. Record Informative Podcasts

Creating podcasts is a modern and very effective marketing tactic that suits everyone, and lawyers are no exception. In addition to reaching people who prefer audio materials, you get the link you want.

In order to implement this strategy, you need to choose a podcast hosting platform where you will post your audio recordings. Most often in your account, you can leave a link to your website.

Besides the fact that you can turn text content into audio, you have the right to do the opposite: transcribe conversations and interviews into articles that will subsequently be posted on your site. A transcription link can be located next to the record.

Attorney Link Building: Ready, Steady, Go!

Well, this is a wrap. Using these methods, you can provide your law firm’s website with new life and significantly improve your link profile and position in search results. This is painstaking work requiring attention and patience, but it will fully pay off: search engines will appreciate these efforts and allow even more people to find out about your legal services.

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