7 Best Resources On Remaining Productive While Working From Home

By Law Firm Suites - March 20, 2020
7 Best Resources On Remaining Productive While Working From Home

Keeping your firm’s productivity high while working from home can be a challenge, but these great resources can help!

Great resource picks that can help any lawyer increase productivity while stuck working from their home office.

1.  5 Successful Home-Based Solo Attorneys Share Their Morning Routines

Being a solo attorney comes with its own set of challenges, especially if you typically work in a home-based office. Your morning can set the productive tone for the rest of the workday. To help make sure you seize the day, here are the morning routines of five successful home-based solo lawyers.

2.  Stuck at Home? Here Are Some Tips On How Your Firm Can Effectively Work Remotely

Many law firms across the country are putting an extra emphasis on working remotely during the coronavirus outbreak. If you’ve never worked from home, figuring out how to do it well can be a challenge. Take a look for yourself, soak up the advice and start to improve your law firm’s remote working techniques.

3.  How to Work From Home: 20 Tips From People Who Do It Successfully

Working from home is awesome – right up until the cat throws up on your computer. And your neighbor, who you can only assume is building a time machine, starts firing up all sorts of power tools and noisy machinery across the street. Follow this article to get a bunch of great work-at-home tips and tricks from people who do it every day.

4.  Myths About Lawyers Working From Home

Some lawyers still believe certain myths about working from home. A generation ago, perhaps “working at home” meant you were a homemaker or perhaps not working at all. It was more a euphemism for being out of work, disabled or retired. Yet even today, in the Internet Age, there are false assumptions about lawyers who actually do work from home.

5.  How Should I Prepare My Practice For The Coronavirus?

In this week’s edition of Things I Wish I Knew, New York solo lawyer Joleena Louis shares how she is preparing her practice for the challenges that come with the spreading COVID-19 virus and working from home.

6.  5 Tips On Running A Home-Based Law Firm For The First Time

With more solo and small firm lawyers starting to work remotely, there’s a good chance that you might be considering whether it’s right for you as well. If that’s the case, follow this article to get tips on how to build a home-based practice to ensure your practice is as profitable and productive as possible.

7.  23 Essential Tips for Working Remotely

For those new to remote working, these two remote working pros wanted to share some tips on how they make it work. They asked some of their other remote team members and partners for their best advice as well. Follow this article to get their tips and comments on how remote working can work for you too.

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