7 Benefits of Coworking Spaces for Lawyers

By Law Firm Suites - June 4, 2019
7 Benefits of Coworking Spaces for Lawyers

There are over 1 million lawyers in the United States, all vying to earn their share of the spoils and to make their presence known in one of the most competitive industries in the country. Many of these lawyers work from home or in cramped office cubicles, which means they’re either distracted and struggling to separate home life from work life, or they’re stressed and struggling to pay the bills.

Their options aren’t great either way, but there is an alternative: coworking spaces. These could be the ultimate solution for lawyers in the United States, as this article shows.

7. Networking

Networking is a key aspect of any profession, but if you’re trying to make it as a hotshot in the big city, it’s especially important. Coworking spaces are filled with like-minded individuals who want to succeed and meet people who can help them to succeed. They are eager to make connections, to learn, and to form new friendships and partnerships.

All of this is essential, and there is no telling what you can learn or gain by networking with the professionals that work in coworking spaces.

As the old saying goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

6. Space

If you rent a cubicle in a stuffy office, you’ll pay a premium for what amounts to just a few square feet. It won’t be comfortable, it won’t be pleasant, but it will be expensive. Instead opt for a coworking space, which will give you much more freedom at a fraction of the cost, or to rent your own floor, which will almost certainly wipeout your budget for the year.

5. Fueled for the Day

The best-serviced offices have their own barista bars, getting you fueled for the day ahead. They also have meditation rooms, quiet rooms, gyms, prayer rooms, and everything else you need to calm down and chill out. You can even go for a little afternoon nap, recharging your batteries before getting stuck back into your work.

In a normal office, your day will begin with a stale cup of coffee, a mid-morning rush, a short dinner break, and then more work until it’s time to go home. With a serviced office it’s much more relaxed and you can recharge and refuel in any number of ways.

4. Cost

Affordability is always one of the main draws of coworking. There is no need to commit to long-term contracts, no need to pay extortionate prices for a prime city location. All of your amenities will be covered and you’ll benefit from an ideal location without sacrificing a sizable portion of your paycheck every single month.

3. No Distractions

If you typically work from home, then a coworking space is a great way to remove the distractions that working from home brings. There are no pets nudging your legs, sitting on your laptop or begging to play; no phone calls trying to sell you something you don’t need; no random visitors. Most importantly, you also don’t have the distraction provided by your TV or games console.

2. Sunshine and Fresh Air

Los Angeles has been called “one of the best cities for lawyers” and coworking in LA is alive and well because of statements like this. The rate of pay and population size has a lot to do with this, but the weather also comes into play and this is an often overlooked benefit of coworking.

If you work in an office, there’s a good chance you’re spending your days cramped-up in a cubicle, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder or desk-to-desk with other lawyers. If you’re lucky you may have your own desk and window to let some fresh air in and the misery out, but it’s not quite the same as working outdoors in a garden or communal space, or setting up your laptop in a rooftop lounge.

All of these benefits are available if you opt for a coworking space, and the freedom to work in this way, combined with the regular dose of vitamin D and fresh air, is a huge stress-killer if you spend your days buried in paperwork or fighting at court.

1. They are Fully Stocked

A coworking space comes equipped with everything you need for the business day, whether it’s video conferencing tools to chat with clients, printers to run-off some important documents, or conference rooms to get some time with your employees.

There are also mail forwarding services and switchboard phone operators to give you everything you would get from your own private secretary.

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