5 Reasons Why You Need Personalized Emails for Your Law Firm

By Law Firm Suites - January 31, 2019
5 Reasons Why You Need Personalized Emails for Your Law Firm

If you’re not happy with your email marketing results, maybe you should try making those messages more personal!

Are you satisfied with the current results of your email marketing strategy? If your answer is “no”, then it’s time to incorporate some important changes. From now, you should personalize every email you send.

If you want to know the reasons why email personalization will be beneficial for your law firm, keep reading. In this article, you will find useful tips as well as links to the reliable tools, which will help you to take your email marketing strategy to the next level.

Boost Open Rates

When it comes to crafting an email marketing campaign, the first thing you should do is to make sure that the recipients will open your letters. Everyone’s inbox is constantly overloaded with tons of emails, and recipients have no time to read them all. Unfortunately, around 80% of all emails remain unread.

So, if you want to encourage clients to open your letters, you should come up with the catchy, and most importantly, personalized subject lines. The easiest way to personalize the header is to add the recipient’s name. Also, you can mention some facts related to the past and present client’s legal cases.

Marketing experts state that if you personalize subject lines, you will increase open rates by 26%. It means that you will be able to cut your expenses while boosting the marketing efforts of your law firm

Improve Click-Through Rate

The great news is that email personalization helps to increase not only open rate but also click-through rate. This is another important indicator, which allows measuring the success of the email marketing campaign. It shows how the recipients react on the content of the email: the more clicks they make, the better.

Personalized content helps to grab the reader’s’ attention and entices them to click call-to-action buttons. In other words, it helps you achieve your marketing goals.

If you try to craft every single email from scratch, it will take you a lot of time. So, it’s highly recommended to design a standard template, and use it as a basis for personalized emails. There are a few useful services, which might help you to complete this task:

  • Upwork. You can use this online platform to find professional freelance marketers. They will provide you with useful recommendations on how to design an email template and where to place call-to-action buttons.
  • RewardedEssays. If you don’t want to create a template on your own, you can use this service. Writers with a marketing background will craft a perfect standard letter for your law firm at a fair price.
  • MailChimp. If you want to send personalized newsletters automatically, choose this popular mailing service.

Build Trust

Clients of law firms are looking for professionals, whom they can trust fully. People don’t want to lose their businesses, money, or freedom, just because their attorneys are not good enough. For this reason, it’s crucially important to build a trustful relationship with your current and potential clients.

You should use personalized emails to show that you provide excellent services and that your clients have nothing to worry about. You should answer all of the recipient’s questions and prove that they can rely on you in any situation.

Keep in mind that every personalized email must be perfect in terms of content, grammar, and punctuation. It’s important because no one will use your expensive services if your letters are full of typos. If you don’t want to lose the trust of your clients, you must proofread your personalized emails attentively, or utilize one of the following services:

  • HotEssayService. Check this service, when you need to edit your email in less than 24 hours. And don’t worry, fast speed of order execution will not worsen the quality of work.
  • Grammarly. This is one of the most effective grammar checkers, which you can find online. It detects common mistakes and fixes them automatically. But keep in mind that Grammarly’s algorithm is not perfect. For this reason, some minor errors can remain unnoticed.
  • GrabMyEssay. If you don’t trust the quality of machine proofreading, you can use this service. Professional writers will help to improve the quality of your personalized emails.

Improve Loyalty

People prefer to choose law firms, which treat their customers in a special way. Do you know why? The answer is pretty simple – just because every client wants to feel truly valued.

If you want to keep your small business afloat, you should show your clients that they are important to you and that you greatly appreciate their loyalty. You can send them personalized emails to demonstrate your respect and gratitude. It will improve your firm’s brand and help to retain your current clients, as well as encourage them to refer you to their peers.  

Another way you can impress your clients is by creating a visually appealing personalized email. And here’s a secret, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to do this either! Check graphic design services like Topol.io to find ready-to-use templates and utilize SupremeDissertations for text formatting. Both of these tools will help your emails to stand out amongst the crowd.

Improve Reputation

Lastly, personalized emails can be useful for building your reputation. As you know, competition within the legal industry is steep, and it’s extremely important to improve your law firm’s image continuously. If you keep sending personalized newsletters, which contain extremely valuable information for your clients, you’ll easily earn the respect of others.

Wrapping Up

Personalized emails can benefit your law firm in various ways, and this is a fact. So, if you want to retain your clients, don’t hesitate to update your email marketing strategy.

In the digital age, you don’t need to be a marketing guru to cope with email personalization. There are lots of online tools and services, which can facilitate your work.   

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Bridgette Hernandez is an in-house digital marketer at IsAccurate. She has a master’s degree in Law and bachelor’s degree in Marketing. She is writing a book, which will help solo attorneys to promote their business online. In her free time, Bridgette writes for blogs, watches fascinating legal movies, and study emerging technologies.  

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