7 Best Articles on Elevating your Practice

By Law Firm Suites - November 23, 2018
7 Best Articles on Elevating your Practice

When it comes to growing your practice, there is no time like the present. These great articles will help you with just that!

Are you planning on taking your firm to the next level this year? Developing a successful growth plan is no small challenge, but we’ve created a list of resources that will help you get started.

1.  3 Easy Steps to Expand Your Practice This Week

Expanding your practice is way easier said than done. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Use the experience and expertise of one Rock Star professional to expand your law firm.

2.  Mastermind Groups: How They Help Solo Lawyers

If you really want to take your practice to the next level, then group accountability will be your new best friend. Learn how lawyers are using mastermind groups to quickly solve challenges and achieve their business goals.

3.  Five Steps to Expanding Your Law Practice Through Referrals

There are many ways to increase your bottom line through traditional marketing, Yet, referrals remain a relatively untapped and inexpensive source of additional revenue. The following are the five key steps to implement in order to increase your revenue through referrals to and from other lawyers.

4.  What Do New Solos Have in Common With The Beatles, U2, The Who, The Doors, Guns N’ Roses and Jay-Z?

The sophomore slump is an issue that plagues both musicians and lawyers alike. But overcoming this challenge will help you grow your practice and set you up to tackle other challenges in the future. Follow this detailed article to learn more!

5.  How I Use Facebook Ads to Grow My Solo Law Practice

Facebook is a valuable business tool that can help enhance your law firm marketing strategy. This article provides step-by-step directions for how to create an engaging Facebook ad that is extremely targeted and affordable.

6.  5 Tips on Growing your Firm Quickly and Safely

Starting a solo or small firm is hard, but growing one can be even harder. How do you set up a practice to scale easily, what are the pitfalls and opportunities that you should look out for? Follow these five tips to get helpful and actionable advice on how to grow practice safely and quickly.

7.  80+ Tools to That Will Help You Grow Your New Firm [Infographic]

Are you in the process of starting your own firm? If so, you’ll probably need help putting some ideas into place and getting your practice off the ground. So if your practice is young, or if you’re about to open a solo firm, then these 80+ tools will be a huge help!

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