7 Best Articles on Balancing Your Work and Personal Lives

By Law Firm Suites - June 1, 2018
7 Best Articles on Balancing Your Work and Personal Lives

There is never a bad time to start focusing on improving your work/life balance!

Are you spinning your tires and burnt-out? It happens to lawyers more than most other professionals, so you’re not alone. Follow these articles to get advice, tips and the reassurance you need to start improving our own work/life balance.

1. The Young Attorney Balancing Act: How to Have a Career – and a Life

Work/life balance can be a delicate topic for all young lawyers. Demands on your time come from more experienced and more powerful attorneys, and you will feel pressure to achieve and impress those above you to get ahead. Follow this article to learn more about work/life balance, why it’s important for young attorneys and how you achieve work/life balance without inhibiting your success.

2. Work-life Balance For Attorneys: Real Or Myth?

Let’s face it, the practice of law is not exactly on par with the concept of work-life balance. We have all been there; skipping a family celebration, canceling an evening out, and even falling behind on that perfect workout schedule. So, is it possible to have a successful and satisfying career practicing law, and at the same time enjoy a rewarding personal life, or is this just a myth?

3.  How Flexibility Has Shaped My Firm

One of the most attractive aspects of being solo is the ability to have a flexible schedule. Once you become accustomed to this level of flexibility and freedom, you probably won’t ever give it up. Use this article to learn more about what some firms are doing to improve their work/life balance.

4.  Balancing Work Life and Personal Life: My Journey So Far

As solos, it’s almost impossible to keep our work and personal lives separate. So work-life integration is figuring out a way to combine them both without sacrificing one for the other. This article goes over the steps one lawyer has taken to improve her work-life integration and create more personal time.

5.  How to Pull Off the Great Balancing Act

With the demanding workflow that comes with being a lawyer finding a work/life balance can often prove to be challenging. However, recognizing the need for balance and taking conscious actions to achieving it are essential for success in the legal field. This roundtable features lawyers from diverse practice areas who share their advice on how to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

6.  Making One of the Most Brutal Jobs a Little Less Brutal

A career at a major law firm usually means long hours, missed family vacations and significant burnout. But some of the firms in the U.S. and Canada are developing something new that might help. Follow this article and learn about these “New Model” firms that are built on a radical premise: Corporate lawyers can have work-life balance, too.

7.  Consider Work-Life Balance Issues Before Law School

Long hours at the office are a staple of many legal jobs, especially during crunch times when attorneys are finishing projects for clients. Nevertheless, some attorneys say they have achieved work-life balance in the legal profession. In this article, you’ll learn about the four things experts say prospective law students should know about work-life balance.

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