30 Body Language Tips That Will Improve Your Communication Skills [Infographic]

By Law Firm Suites - March 29, 2018
30 Body Language Tips That Will Improve Your Communication Skills [Infographic]

Use this infographic to discover how you can use body language to dramatically improve how effectively you communicate.

Behavioral scientists all over the world have studied body language as a secondary, and sometimes even more revealing, means of communication. The theory is that the body gives away what the mouth refuses to say. Oftentimes, that’s exactly right.

New business and client referrals are anchored in trust, and your body language can set the tone of the entire conversation, no matter what your mouth is actually saying. Meaning your body language can make or break your relationships with potential clients, current clients and referral sources alike.

To help, we found this great infographic by Custom Writing that goes through 30 different tips that you can use to improve your body language. Take a look for yourself and discover new things about body language that will help you improve the effectiveness of your conversations.

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