7 Best Articles About Using a Law Firm Mentor

By Law Firm Suites - March 2, 2018
7 Best Articles About Using a Law Firm Mentor

The right mentor can help you save time and break through the challenges that have been holding your firm back.

Follow the great tips and advice in these seven articles to help you find a mentor, get the most out of your current mentor relationship or discover how to be a better mentor yourself!

1.  5 Examples of how a Smart Mentor Can Elevate your Practice

Solo practice is a very different animal than working within a law firm. Therefore, one of the most impactful relationships that you can grow is one with a smart and experienced mentor. Here are five examples of how the right mentor can help elevate your firm and be a guiding light to your practice for years to come.

2.  Why You Need a Mentor and Where to Find One

Law school is like an Army boot camp for the mind; professors will tear down students’ mental constructs and rebuild them to think like lawyers. Given the unique and highly stressful nature of law school and the continued need for guidance as a young lawyer, mentors are a necessity to feel confident and gain important resources.

3.  The Lawyer’s Guide to Finding a Mentor

Mentoring as a means of enhancing lawyers job satisfaction and performance is an exceedingly important topic. The reality is that finding the right mentor(s) is easier said than done–and the wrong mentor can be worse than no mentor at all. Here’s two lawyers advice on how to ensure you find the right mentor.

4.  My (Not So Good) Experience With A Business Coach

No one can give you better advice than other lawyers or professionals who have already experienced what you are going through. It’s critical for lawyers to find colleagues who will listen to their ideas, and provide guidance. Here’s one lawyer’s not so good experience with a business coach, and her advice so you don’t make the same mistakes

5.  Mentoring Helps Attorneys At All Levels Advance Their Careers

Every lawyer can use a mentor, no matter their age or experience level. This article highlights the different aspects of mentoring throughout the legal profession, examining its importance, the traits of a good mentor or protégé, programs employed by legal departments, as well as suggestions for in-house attorneys on how to find mentors on their own.

6.  Finding A Mentor: You Don’t Have To Go It Alone In Law School

You’ve got your head down, and you’re focusing on your coursework. Good plan. But it’s also smart to begin building the relationships that will help you plan and pursue your legal career goals. Follow this article to learn why one of the most important steps you can take during law school is developing a mentoring relationship with someone you trust.

7.  How to Be a Great Mentor to Associate Attorneys

Mentorship is a key element of associate engagement and retention. While most law firms have formal and informal mentoring programs, not all firms give explicit instructions on how to be a good mentor to junior attorneys. Here are some tips that can prepare you to be a great mentor to the associates at your firm.

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