7 Best Articles For Creating Helpful Payment Plans For Your Clients

By Law Firm Suites - January 26, 2018
7 Best Articles For Creating Helpful Payment Plans For Your Clients

Use these awesome resources to help you create payment plans that your clients will love.

Payment plans are not always the easiest to set up, and if not done correctly, might actually do more harm than good. Follow this article to discover great resources that will help you to create a  great payment plan.

1. How To Offer Payment Plans And Actually Get Paid

One of the most effective things a solo can do is know their worth and stay firm on their fees. In this edition of Things I Wish I Knew, solo lawyer Joleena Louis gives her tops tips for offering payment plans to potential clients.

2.  Give Your Customers Payment Options

It’s just good business to offer your customers options for making payments. These options can include payment plans, using credit or debit card, online payments, checks, cash, money orders, cashiers checks, automatic withdrawals or western. If you have never set up payment plans before then follow the suggestions in the article to help you get started!

3.  Three Ways to Use Payment Plans to Get Paid Faster

Outstanding invoices are all too common for a small business owner, but the good news is that there are ways to help mitigate late payment issues. Follow this article to learn about the three things you need to make the switch to payment plans and get paid faster.

4.  Stop Losing Clients Over Your Fear of Payment Plans

Collecting attorney fees is difficult, which is why many lawyers insist on getting fees up front. But after turning away thousands of dollars in business, one lawyer started looking at the potential clients who were walking away. With that new found knowledge, he decided to take on client financing. Here is what he learned.

5.  10 Tips To Avoid Getting Stiffed By Your Clients

It’s one thing to say that you bill at $200 or $500 or $1,000 an hour; it’s another to actually collect those fees. Taking payment up front won’t guard against a client asking for a refund down the line if you haven’t vetted the client properly. So beyond upfront payment, here’s a list of tips to avoid getting stiffed.

6.  15 Proven Ways to Get Clients to Pay Their Bills on Time

When you go above and beyond for clients, you expect to get paid just as fast. The biggest disappointment for a small business owner when those expectations are not shared by the client when the invoice comes due. There has to be a better way to get clients to pay their bills on time.

7.  Are payment plans a good fit for your business?

Payment plans are a great strategy for your accounts receivable toolset. They aren’t a good fit for every law firms, but don’t dismiss them too quickly. They are an effective way to give customers flexible payment options, without the cost of outside agencies.

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