The 3 Reasons Why a Virtual Office Benefits Your Brooklyn Law Firm

By Law Firm Suites - January 18, 2018
The 3 Reasons Why a Virtual Office Benefits Your Brooklyn Law Firm

Brooklyn lawyers look for a certain lifestyle flexibility, occupational credibility and economic viability. A Virtual Office can help.

Social prestige may be something you love or hate and Brooklyn is currently experiencing a rise in its name. Although social prestige is great in many senses, it may not always benefit your law firm in terms of credibility.

A virtual office has the potential to not only grow, but improve your Brooklyn-based practice. You get all of this while still being able to maintain the lifestyle in “The Borough of Churches.”

There are three main reasons a virtual office in Manhattan can boost your Brooklyn law practice.

1.  Flexibility

Virtual offices based in Manhattan provide lifestyle flexibility that is unmatched anywhere else, which may be ideal for a Brooklyn attorney. Work from home or close to home without compromising your professional image.

With a Manhattan virtual office, you can work on a legal document while sitting in Brooklyn Bridge Park and still be able to access the conference room that same afternoon for a closing.

Virtual offices provide that “on demand” professional service when you and your practice needs it. For instance, conference rooms may be worked into the deal, but other perks like mail service or designated workspaces are available for when you really need to buckle down and get work done.

2.  Credibility

New York City (Manhattan in particular) is commonly seen as the epicenter of the United States and to many, the world. Even Time Square has the “Crossroads of the World” nickname.

So many industries thrive on the island alone. Whether it is fair or not, many non-Brooklyn clients and adversaries find Brooklyn lawyers to be less credible as opposed to a Manhattan attorney. This can result in discounted rates and gives your adversaries the advantage.

Your professional identity is directly impacted by where you choose to locate your office. A New York City virtual office can help you gain access to clients that may have never considered you because of your Brooklyn office address.

Brooklyn may give you social credibility, but a Manhattan office address gives your law practice business credibility.

3.  Viability

Referrals make or break your practice, plain and simple. Not only is it the easiest money to make, but it is also the foundation of your practice and legal career.

A carefully chosen virtual office can offer access to a community of colleagues who can provide you with a stream of potential income. For example, Law Firm Suites’ clients exchange 7-figures worth of referral each year. A significant portion of those referrals were generated from our virtual office community.

In addition to referrals, a virtual office with a robust community of attorneys can help you gather hundreds of dollars in lost time trying to solve pesky practice issues. You know … the ones that can take hours to figure out on your own, but can be resolved in a three-minute conversation with a lawyer who has dealt with the issue before?

In a good virtual office community, other attorneys know that next time, it may be them who need the advice. For any practice area issue, you’ll generally find many helpful resources.

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