7 Best Resources for Being a More Assertive Lawyer

By Law Firm Suites - December 29, 2017
7 Best Resources for Being a More Assertive Lawyer

These great resources can help you to be a more assertive lawyer!

Assertiveness is key to being successful as a lawyer. These resources can help you!

1.  I Felt like a Wallflower at Lawyer Networking Events Until I Started Doing This

For some people, walking around the room and networking with other lawyers comes naturally. But if you are like the majority of us, that is not the case. To help improve your confidence and overall networking skills, follow these five easy to implement tips and crush it at lawyer networking events.  

2.  Mindfulness for Lawyers

San Francisco lawyer Jeena Cho, author of “The Anxious Lawyer”, joins Tina Martini, chair of the intellectual property practice Group at DLA Piper, to talk about mindfulness – what is it, why is important in the legal profession and how can it be applied to the life of a lawyer?

3.  Aggressive Lawyering Is Counter-Productive

If you look up the word ‘aggressive,’ you will find definitions that include ‘ready or likely to attack or confront,’ Being ‘aggressive’ is not the same thing as being ‘zealous.’ ‘Zeal’ is defined as ‘great energy or enthusiasm in the pursuit of a cause or an objective.’ Zealousness is an admirable attribute; aggressiveness is not. Follow this article to learn more about why lawyers are should strive for zeal, not aggressiveness.  

4.  Why Introverted Attorneys Should Try Networking on Social Media

Attending networking events can be a challenge for an introverted attorney. Solo attorney, Joleena Louis, discusses how she uses social media as an alternative to in-person networking because it makes engaging with her target audience easier.  

5.  Courage.

There are few human qualities that are more challenging, more painful, more exhausting, more empowering and more rewarding than courage. So as the curtain rises on 2017, use the guidance in this article to tap into your exceptional character…and walk the professional path that will lead you to success. 

6.  Attorney meshes her yoga and law practice

Houston attorney Kristin Scheel believes the practices of law and yoga pair perfectly. While many lawyers have taken to the yoga mat for stress relief and health benefits, yoga takes center stage in all aspects of Scheel’s life, including her role as a lawyer. Discover how the benefits of approaching the practice of law align with a yoga pose— a mixture of effort and release.  

7.  Emotionally Intelligent Assertiveness – A Top 5 EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Lawyer Work Success Factor

Emotionally intelligent communication requires finesse and very nuanced effort.  This very important performance differentiating ability requires that you must stand up, speak up, protect yourself, but honor and respect the rights of others in a constructive way. Follow this article to learn more about the importance of emotional intelligence for lawyers.

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