7 Best Articles for Re-energizing Your Law Firm and Avoiding Burnout

By Law Firm Suites - December 22, 2017
7 Best Articles for Re-energizing Your Law Firm and Avoiding Burnout

Use these awesome resources to help you to stay motivated in your practice without burning yourself out.

Burnout is a serious problem among lawyers, not only affecting their practices but their lives and physical well-being as well. These articles can help!

1. Solo Attorney Burnout: A Real Problem In The Legal World

Are you a solo attorney feeling just overwhelmed or even “over it?” Joleena Louis discusses her own experiences with burnout as a solo attorney and what she does to prevent it.

2.  Leaders Can Avoid Burnout by Taking Care of Themselves

Leaders who are healthy, energized, interested, fulfilled, focused, smart and compassionate have a similar effect on the organization. They fuel the organization when leaders who are burned out drain it. Follow this article to learn more about how you can avoid burning out in your own practice.

3.  Burnout: A Necessary Part of Lawyers’ Lives?

“We work in an adversarial, pressured, high-speed environment. Long hours are often marks of success, even badges of honor. An unstressed lawyer? I’ve not met one. Burned out lawyers? I’ve met several.” Follow this article to learn why burnout is so commonplace in the legal industry, and what you can do to try to avoid it.

4.  4 Ways to Re-Energize Your Work Engagement

Statistics suggest the majority of American workers are disengaged at work. To help, Dana Stocks, senior vice president and chief human resources officer at Philips Healthcare, suggests considering ways to make work more personally engaging.

5.  How Lawyers can Avoid Burnout and Debilitating Anxiety

Ask any practicing lawyer and they will tell you that being a lawyer comes with no shortage of stress, anxiety and health hurdles. Learning how to cope with and prevent the problems that come with burnout and anxiety is essential to everyone. Follow this article to get tips on how to better avoid burnout and anxiety in your firm.

6.  Top 14 Ways Attorneys Can Avoid Burnout from the Stress of Practicing Law

A large number of lawyers are suffering from burnout, and many are choosing to leave the profession. In today’s fiercely competitive legal environment, the first step in managing stress is to recognize its causes and symptoms before burnout results. Here are 14 ways attorneys can avoid burnout from practicing law.

7.  10 Tips to Avoid Lawyer Burnout

“Like many attorneys (even though I do not practice anymore), I thought I could handle this on my own.” But this common lawyer personality is almost endemic with the predilection for becoming burned out, stressed, depressed or even suicidal. Follow this article to get one lawyer’s personal take on facing burnout, and hear his advice on getting help.

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