Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

By Law Firm Suites - December 17, 2017
Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

Check out our top performing blog articles!

We’ve gathered the top performing blog articles of the week. Take a look and see what interests you!

1.  My Firm’s 2018 Goals

“It’s that time of year again! I am a very goal-oriented person and setting and reaching goals each year helps keep me motivated and keep my practice on track.” In this week’s edition of Things I Wish I Knew, solo lawyer Joleena Louis shares the goals and ambitions of her firm for this coming year.

2.  Why Do Solos Choose Lawyer Coworking Space in White Plains?

The coworking structure is styled in a way that boosts growth by promoting networking and collaboration opportunities. Follow this article and learn more reasons why a solo’s workspace needs to make sense and a lawyer coworking space in White Plains may just be your best bet.

3.  Culture Clash: Pitfall of a Multi-Professional Shared Office Space

Attorneys are a very specific type of professional that is meant to adhere to specific ethics and codes of conduct. Messing up as an attorney is not an option. Being an attorney means you have very specific needs as a professional. Discover why a particular shared office space may not be the right environment for you in the long run.

4.  Conference Room Rentals Definitely Have Their Advantage

Whether you are a solo attorney or a partner in a large firm, hosting a meeting outside your firm’s main office in a rented conference room can add serious value to your firm’s bottom line. Discover how the right conference room rental can save your firm time, money and headache!

5.  Marketing Mistakes That Will Drag Your Firm Down

Running a law practice can leave you feeling like you’re juggling countless tasks. It’s something that every solo or small firm lawyer goes through. And marketing your practice plays a large role in that process. Follow this article and avoid making these common marketing mistakes that drag law firms down.

6.  Law Firm Suites Opens New Location in Boston

Recently Law Firm Suites launched its newest lawyer coworking community at The Business District building in Boston’s centrally located Back Bay neighborhood, adjacent to the Prudential Center. The Boston location will initially offer ethically compliant virtual law office plans and conference room rentals, with office rentals and coworking plans becoming available in a brand new legal suite that’s expected to open in Spring 2018.

7.  What You Need To Know About Temporary Meeting Rooms for your Firm

As an attorney, your work is really based on the cases you take and how frequent you see your clients. The need to meet can happen sometimes happen instantaneously and your office may not have space for it. Follow this article to learn how temporary meeting rooms can impress clients and save your firm money.

8.  7 Ways Avoid the Dangers of a Lack of Self-Discipline

Do you know how much more you could accomplish with increased self-discipline? This is one of the most important virtues to have if you have any aspirations of your firm taking-off. Without self-discipline, your solo or small practice will never reach its full potential. Follow this tips to make sure your practice succeeds.

9.  Simple Website Tweaks that Actually Bring in Business

Your website might look pretty and have cool animations, but if it doesn’t convert visiting leads into paying clients then it’s nothing more than a waste of time and money. Here are the top five tips that will help every law firm website to convert more leads into paying clients!

10.  What To Post On Social Media To Get New Clients

The biggest roadblock to successful social media marketing is a lack of consistency. And that lack of consistency comes from not having a plan or knowing what to post regularly. New York solo lawyer Joleena Louis shares how she has used social media to get new clients for her firm.

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