Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

By Law Firm Suites - September 24, 2017
Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

Check out our top performing blog articles!

We’ve gathered the top performing blog articles of the week. Take a look and see what interests you!

1.  Are All Solo Attorneys Entrepreneurs?

“An entrepreneurial lawyer is someone who takes complete responsibility for the success of his or her practice.” So are solo attorneys entrepreneurs? Some say yes, others no. Follow this edition of Things I Wish I Knew to get Joleena Louis’s take on the concept.

2.  The One Thing That Will Make Your Solo Law Practice Far More Successful

Ever wonder why an attorney with legal skills that are not as good as yours, and who has half your smarts, has a solo law practice that eclipses yours, even on your best month? How that attorney perceives and reacts to adversity (and success) may be the explanation.

3.  Update your Practice by Marketing with YouTube

Want to increase your ranking on the web? Using one of the top rated video media sites in the world could help. YouTube has become more of a rule rather than an option in today’s world of marketing. This article explains how you can leverage the power of YouTube to improve your website’s search rank and connect with potential clients.

4.  A Humbling Experience in my Solo Practice

For any new attorneys who come across this blog, don’t think for one second any of us lawyers are perfect, no matter how experienced we may be. In this edition of Young, Hungry & Committed, Annapolis solo lawyer Liz Johnson shares one humbling and enlightening experience she encountered in her solo practice.

5.  5 Successful Home-Based Solo Attorneys Share Their Morning Routines

Being a solo attorney comes with its own set of challenges, especially if you typically work in a home-based office. Your morning can set the productive tone for the rest of the workday. To help make sure you seize the day, here are the morning routines of five successful home-based solo lawyers.

6.  You Never Know When or Where you Might Make a Great Networking Connection

You never know where you might find a great networking connection. In this edition of Young, Hungry & Committed, Maryland solo virtual office lawyer Liz Johnson shares how her simple trip to the salon had a surprising impact on her firm.

7.  How Lawyers can Increase Revenue by Decreasing Busy Work

Many lawyers face the temptation is to try to do everything on your own to save money, especially if you’re starting a practice on a shoestring budget. Wasting time in your practice can limit your income potential, or even worse, it can destroy your firm. Follow these tips to make sure that doesn’t happen to your practice.

8.  A Lack of Passion for your Practice will Lead to Financial Ruin

Just stating the obvious – we work more hours than the average professional. The work is intellectually demanding and adversarial in nature, which in and of itself creates a lot of stress, which can impact how much enjoy practicing law. Follow this article to get advice on how to make sure you retain your love and passion for your practice.

9.  Taking Extra Time Off Can Boost Your Solo Practice [Infographic]

40 hours a week is the standard for full-time employment. But for lawyers, working 50 to 70 hours isn’t unheard of. Even though lawyers often work long hours, they are no different than other professionals when it comes to the benefits of taking time off. Use this infographic to learn how taking time off can help you provide a better service to your clients, while also taking care of yourself.

10.  Create The Perfect Workspace For Your Home Office

Once you decide to take the plunge and launch your law practice from home, the first step is to set up your workspace. Begin by considering where and how you work best. You’re the boss. This article gives great advice on how to design your home office workspace around your own strengths and weaknesses.

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