What You Need To Know About Temporary Meeting Rooms for your Firm

By Law Firm Suites - September 12, 2017
What You Need To Know About Temporary Meeting Rooms for your Firm

Temporary meeting rooms present an opportunity to utilize services that you may not have in your own office space.

The concept of a temporary meeting space is simple enough. A company, typically a shared office space, rents out a conference room on a temporary basis. These rooms may be sought out by other companies, law firms, or even individuals.

In the case of a temporary meeting room rental, events that take place are typically singular like a seminar or conference. When it comes to law firms, temporary meeting room rentals can serve a variety of purposes:

  • Depositions;
  • Real estate and corporate transactional closings;
  • Mediations;
  • Litigation preparation;
  • War room use in close proximity to a particular court; and
  • Hosting a networking event.

Why should someone use a temporary meeting room?

The most obvious reason behind using a temporary conference room is the need for the space. Some firms or companies just do not have access to the necessary space in their offices for a particular event.

Many times, it is more cost-effective for a company or law firm to rent temporary space on a one-time or monthly basis than to maintain a similar sized space under their own commercial lease.

Convenience is also a prime factor in choosing a temporary meeting room. Think about the attorney who has to be in court in downtown Manhattan and has an office in uptown. Getting to the courts is fine, but it’s the in-between time that is really crucial to get things done.
It would be highly impractical to travel back and forth on the train to meet with clients and a temporary meeting room saves time and effort.

Where are these temporary meeting room spaces?

Temporary meeting rooms can be found just about anywhere. In large urban centers like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, temporary spaces are typically in high abundance.

Attorneys, in particular, most commonly rent temporary meeting room space in:

  • Executive office centers;
  • Bar associations with non-dedicated conference facilities for client meetings; and
  • Court reporting agencies.

If your firm is hosting a seminar or training session, renting at a hotel, restaurant or bar association may be the best fit, as these locations often have large spaces available to accommodate the needs of a sizable gathering.

If attorneys and law firms need a space where intimacy is key in getting things done such as a real estate closing, new client sales pitch, and so forth, an executive office center that promotes temporary meeting space may be the best fit.

Executive Suites like Law Firm Suites often offer more adequate services such as reception, internet, and access to equipment that is invaluable to any law firm. Spaces such as a restaurant or hotel meeting rooms do not have the working law office feel and sometimes may not promote an air of professionalism that is needed for success.

What are the benefits of temporary meeting room rentals?

Low cost is the primary benefit of renting a temporary conference room. It may not be a cost-effective option to have an in-office meeting space because maintenance costs add up over time. Temporary meeting rooms are typically a one-time occurrence that you only pay for the time being used. This can help construct a road map for success in coordinating a meeting because a good impression is what temporary spaces help to promote.

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  1. Good read. I agree that by having space for a meeting room, there’ll be much convenience during the meeting itself. I think a hotel conference room could also be a good choice for this, apart from the few that you’ve also mentioned.

  2. That is nice that a temporary meeting room can help with depositions. Maybe it would be good to rent a conference room. This is something I would want if I were running a business.

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