7 Best Resources for Becoming a Freelance Lawyer

By Law Firm Suites - September 1, 2017
7 Best Resources for Becoming a Freelance Lawyer

Great resources for becoming a freelance lawyer!

Thinking about taking the freelance lawyer route? These resources will help!

1.  Is Freelance Lawyering Your Thing?

As a freelance lawyer, you are the associate the firm doesn’t have. You have a flexible schedule and often work from the comfort of your home. And technology gives you the opportunity to work across jurisdictions. Follow this article to discover if freelance lawyering is right for you.  

2.  How to Get Clients As a Freelance Attorney

As a freelance attorney, you’re working for other attorneys. So how are you going to get clients? You guessed it, networking! Use this article to learn how working as a freelance lawyer is actually a great networking opportunity.

3.  5 Differences Between a Freelance Lawyer and a Sole Practitioner

It is a common misconception that freelance lawyers are also solo lawyers. While this is slightly true, it isn’t entirely correct. Read about one freelance lawyer’s experience and get her thoughts on why freelance lawyers are different than solo practitioners.

4.  Tips on Starting and Running a Practice as a Freelance Lawyer, From LawJobChat

On June 29, Now Counsel Network hosted a #LawJobChat on Twitter. The chat was moderated by Amanda Ellis of Amanda Ellis Legal Search and Melissa Sachs of RecruiterEsq. Follow this article to get tips on Starting and Running a Practice as a Freelance Lawyer from those that actually know how!

5.  Four Steps To Building A Successful Freelance Law Practice

Many lawyers want to take up freelance work or want to be a freelancer full time. But knowing where to start can be very tricky. Use this article to get advice from a successful freelance lawyer, and start your own freelance legal career.  

6.  12 Questions for a Freelance Contract Attorney

In this article, the author recently sat down with Scott Comerford, an attorney specializing in freelance contracts. They reviewed some basic information on how to think about the legal issues when it comes to freelancing and discussed some of the most common mistakes that freelancers make with their contracts.  

7.  Lawyer for Hire: Freelance Contractors Change the Marketplace

With an uncertain economy, more law firms are opting to hire contract lawyers while they wait to see if the need for another associate will pan out. It’s a trend that has grown over the past few years. Follow this article to learn more about how the freelance lawyer industry is reshaping how we practice law

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