Law Firm Suites Launches Coworking Community in White Plains, New York

By Law Firm Suites - July 26, 2017
Law Firm Suites Launches Coworking Community in White Plains, New York

Law Firm Suites launches virtual law office, office rental and coworking services for lawyers in White Plains, New York at Westchester Business Center.

White Plains, NY. This week Law Firm Suites launched its newest lawyer coworking community at the Westchester Business Center building in White Plains, New York, where it will be offering law office rentals, virtual law office services, coworking memberships and conference rooms, together with its one-of-a-kind Community of lawyers.

“White Plains is the biggest commercial hub of Westchester County. With federal, state and local courts clustered in the City and easy access to Manhattan, it’s a natural addition to our existing Community,” says Law Firm Suites’ founder Stephen Furnari.

Located on South Broadway at East Post Road, Law Firm Suites’ new White Plains location is within walking distance to the courts and a short ride to Metro North trains. The building boasts ample off street parking, which is free with all law office rentals.

Attorneys who work in a community of lawyers earn more: Bar Study

After a decade of managing the most amazing Community of self-employed lawyers, we know that lawyers who share office space:

But our experience isn’t unique: four bar studies have shown that lawyers who share office space with other lawyers earn at least 30% more than their peers who do not.

What lawyers will get in our new White Plains Community

Self-employed lawyers love the freedom and flexibility they get by running their own law practice. But, they often struggle to balance billable legal work, with time needed for marketing, with managing the business, which is the biggest reason lawyers go back to working for bigger firms.

Westchester lawyers will get instant access to a community of over 200 self-employed lawyers, and a growing community in Westchester, who routinely share referrals, co-counsel opportunities and practice tips.

“I learned early on in my corporate practice that by being connected to your peers, you waste less time, find ways to market more efficiently, and you develop referral relationships that are out looking for new work for you – even when you have no time to do it yourself,” says Furnari. “When I finally got out of my own way and joined a community of other lawyers, my practice doubled in size in less than a year.”

A safety net for lawyers to expand their practice into Westchester County

This is also a great opportunity for lawyers outside Westchester County to expand their practices there.

“Getting a handle on the nuances of local practice, like local court rules and judges’ personalities, often prevents lawyers from expanding their practices into new locations,” says Furnari.  “Having a community of lawyers in White Plains to lean on for advice is a huge safety net for lawyers looking to expand their practices into Westchester county.”

Law Firm Suites White Plains office is a “member location”

After years of getting requests from lawyers who want a Law Firm Suites’ style all-lawyer Communities in their city, we began searching for partners to collaborate with outside of our home base of New York City. We are seeking out operators of executives suites, law firms running office shares and coworking spaces in different cities that would be good partners to, collaboratively with the Law Firm Suites team, build a Community of lawyers.

Our partners are carefully chosen. We look for the best-run facilities that are the most suitable for law firms. Places where we would sublet an office or get a virtual office space for our own law firms.

We require our partners become experts in Law Firm Suites’ methods for managing ethically compliant legal suites and Communities of lawyers. We also require them to make a long-term commitment to servicing lawyers in their city.

Within every member location, there will be a robust Community that is exclusive to lawyers, that will have the same benefits as any location owned by Law Firm Suites.

The Law Firm Suites team, together with our partners at Westchester Business Center, will collaboratively manage the office suite and the Community of lawyers in White Plains.

“We’re excited to be part of the Law Firm Suites member network and being part of what we hope will be the biggest community of self-employed lawyers in Westchester County,” says Westchester Business Center general manager Kristine Saljanin.

Click here for more information about the services offered at our White Plains location.

About Law Firm Suites

Law Firm Suites is the leading NYC shared office space for solo attorneys and small law firms. At Law Firm Suites, attorneys get headache free sublet office space, virtual office rentals and litigation hotel services. Law Firm Suites has two locations in Manhattan, one in White Plains NY, and one in Annapolis MD. Law Firm Suites' community of self-employed lawyers are eager to help colleagues succeed, and routinely exchange over $2.5 million in legal business every year in each LFS business center. Connect with Law Firm Suites on Twitter and .

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