7 Best Articles for Having Fun as a Solo Lawyer

By Law Firm Suites - July 21, 2017
7 Best Articles for Having Fun as a Solo Lawyer

Great article picks for having fun as a solo lawyer!

Having fun in your law firm is a must. Here’s some great resource to help you do just that!

1.  Having Fun as a Solo Lawyer: My Experience So Far

Nobody wants to have a career that they don’t enjoy or think is fun. In this article Maryland virtual office solo lawyer Liz Johnson shares how she is learning to grow her practice while having fun and developing referral relationships at the same time.

2.  4 Ways Lawyers Can Be Happier People

Lawyers work hard and long hours, focusing on stressful and difficult tasks. It is no wonder that lawyers are often associated with being unhappy. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Follow this article to get four great tips on how to make sure you’re not just a lawyer, but that you’re a happy lawyer too.

3.  Niche Slapped: How I Chose a Niche Area of Law to Practice

“Unless you live under a rock, you most likely have been Niche Slapped.” Follow one solo lawyer’s journey into discovering her practice niche and see how she is now having more fun and getting more enjoyment out of her firm.

4.  Having Fun Outside of the Office

One of the best ways to have more fun IN the office is to have fun OUT of the office! Use this article to learn how one law firm all went out and had fun outside of the office, and discover how that little trip had lasting impacts on their ability to have fun at work too.

5.  Find Satisfaction in the Law: Happy Lawyers

Thousands of lawyers have found satisfaction simply by helping someone being treated unfairly — someone who has been wrongly denied some basic human right or service. Follow this article to learn how other lawyers are finding satisfaction in their work.

6.  Serve The Client. Do Justice. But Have Fun.

Don’t complain. That’s the one special rule one lawyer has for his firm. The reason for this is simple and goes beyond trying to maintain a positive attitude. This article gives tips that one lawyer uses to make sure everyone in his firm keeps their heads held high and that they find enjoyment in what they do every day.  

7.  How, Even As A Solo Attorney You Can Vacation

Many solo’s struggle to stay productive during the summer months when it feels like everyone else is on vacation while you are constantly chained to your desk. Follow this article to learn how being a solo attorney may make traveling a little more complicated, it most certainly does not prohibit it.

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