What To Post On Social Media To Get New Clients

By Joleena Louis - July 19, 2017
What To Post On Social Media To Get New Clients

In this week’s edition of Things I Wish I Knew, New York solo lawyer Joleena Louis shares how she has used social media to get new clients for her firm.

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know that social media is a major part of my marketing strategy. And as a result, the most common question I get from other solo’s is “What should I post?”

The biggest roadblock to successful social media marketing is a lack of consistency. And that lack of consistency comes from not having a plan or knowing what to post regularly.

As part of my strategy, I use the following topics to ensure I never run out of content ideas and that I am staying true to my brand.

Blog Posts

As you know, blogging is an important part of the legal marketing toolkit, especially for solo attorneys who have to work independently to promote themselves and establish their credibility.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are good social media tools for blog posts. This is because on these platforms links are very easy to share.

I’ve found that Instagram is not the best source for sharing blog posts, but I often share a quote or tip from a recent post and tell followers they can read more at the link in my bio.

But here is the biggest piece of advice, don’t just share links to your own blog. Always make sure to share content from other sources that your followers may be interested in. This will increase your reputation as an expert among potential clients, while also encouraging other content creators to share your content.

Behind-the-Scenes Photos

These are a great way to showcase who you are, which is very important if you are a solo.

Share pictures, videos and live stream of you at work. You can show your office, your desk, how you get ready for trial or even behind the scenes at a legal event. Showing the interested person (or people) behind the practice creates a connection and brand loyalty that will encourage people to work with you.

This works very well for me on Instagram and Facebook Live and I usually get the most interaction from these type of posts.


A large part of my Instagram content involves quotes about breakups and divorce. Quotes are very shareable and people will often repost (while tagging my account) or tag friends who they think the post relates to.

This helps me to show a more personal and relatable side of my practice, while also encouraging interaction between myself and potential clients.

I regularly get new clients who found me because friends have sent them one of my Instagram posts. Instagram may not be a good fit for every practice and it will only work if you are willing to put in the time. I am a social media addict so it’s fun for me and worth the time I put into it.


If you want to encourage interaction, asking questions is a great way to do so.

Add value to conversations and participate in social media to help people, not impress them. Don’t ask questions if you really aren’t interested, and don’t stretch the truth just to tell a good story.

Plus, from these questions, I can sometimes discover a need that my legal services can fulfill.


Social Media is the perfect place to share any updates, announcements, or events about your firm. I often share info about webinars I’m hosting or events I’m attending.

I don’t share these types of social media posts too often because I don’t want my social media marketing efforts to be about me. The value is posting to social media comes from how I help or guide my clients. Just like anything else, people will pay attention if what you are saying benefits them.

That’s why I often share info about webinars or events that might benefit my potential clients.

Like I said before, social media plays a massive role in my marketing strategy. Hopefully, by following these tips you can improve your own social media marketing approach and start to convert more leads into paying clients.

About Joleena Louis

Joleena Louis is a matrimonial and family law attorney at Joleena Louis Law, a firm she founded after leaving a boutique matrimonial firm in Brooklyn. Joleena is a client in Law Firm Suites’ Financial District location. Her weekly blog series Things I Wish I Knew... explores her thought process and experiences in her transition from small law firm employee to successful solo practice entrepreneur. Follow Joleena on Twitter.

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