7 Best Resources for Running a Successful Home-Based Law Practice

By Law Firm Suites - July 7, 2017
7 Best Resources for Running a Successful Home-Based Law Practice

Running a successful home-based law practice can be done with these great resources!

Great resource picks that can help any lawyer run a successful firm from their home office.

1.  5 Successful Home-Based Solo Attorneys Share Their Morning Routines

Being a solo attorney comes with its own set of challenges, especially if you typically work in a home-based office. Your morning can set the productive tone for the rest of the work day. To help make sure you seize the day, here are the morning routines of five successful home-based solo lawyers.

2.  How To Ensure Your Home Office Makes You Look Professional

You may choose to work from a home office simply because you can, or for other valid lifestyle reasons. Since more and more lawyers are choosing that path, here are some tips to make sure your practice appears professional to clients and colleagues.

3.  The Best Home Office for Your Law Practice

As a busy lawyer, your ability to get work done in your home as well as in an office is crucial. Especially for solo lawyers, who often only have a home office. So if you’re a solo practitioner, or if you’re just an attorney or other legal professional hoping to find a better way to set up a remote office, then this article is for you!

4.  Virtual Lawyer: Running A Law Firm On The Cloud From Home

Technology allows law firms to be managed in many different ways. This great Forbes article shows just what can be accomplished with the Cloud and how easy it can be to manage a firm from your home.

5.  7 Steps to Running a Successful Home-Based Law Practice

Working from home has become an extremely popular option for solo and some small firm lawyers. But like most things, there is a right way and wrong way when it comes to running a home-based law firm. Download this eBook to get tips on how to set up an efficient workspace in your home and run a successful practice overall.

6.  Working from Home: Ten Tax and Legal Tips

There’s a lot to consider when deciding whether to work from home—beyond the issues of finding the space and keeping the kids quiet when the phone rings. And working from home isn’t always cheaper and better. Here are 10 tips from one solo lawyer that she learned from both counseling tax law clients and from her own experiences practicing law at home.

7.  How Two Stay-At-Home Moms Are Changing The Legal Industry

The goal of these lawyers was to manage life in a way that let them stay at home with their children, and at the same time remain in the legal profession. But reaching that goal was easier said than done. Follow this article to learn how these two stay-at-home moms are reshaping what it means to be a lawyer with a home based law firm.

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