7 Best Resources for Revamping Your Legal Career

By Law Firm Suites - June 16, 2017
7 Best Resources for Revamping Your Legal Career

Think of all the possibilities that can arise from revamping your legal career!

Has your legal career stagnated? These great resources can help you put life back into your career!

1.  Starting Over as a Solo Attorney: The Secret to My Success

Starting a new career can be a daunting experience, especially if you’re also launching your own business. In this article, IP lawyer, Nancy Baum Delain, shares her story of starting her own law practice in her late 40s and provides some tips that can help guide you on the path to success as a solo lawyer.

2.  How to Rapidly Increase your Referral Network [eBook]

The easiest and least expensive way market a law practice is to increase referrals from other attorneys. You need to keep your pipeline full of new cases to minimize the feast-and-famine revenue cycle common in small law practices. Download this eBook and rapidly increase referrals by using the easy-to-follow, step-by-step system used by other solo lawyers.

3.  Freelancing as an Attorney May Provide both Balance and a Boost to Your Legal Career

Being a lawyer and a parent are both full-time jobs. And doing them simultaneously can be extremely difficult. In this article, one lawyer discusses how her journey of being a freelance lawyer allowed her to follow her passion for law, while also taking the time to raise two children.

4.  6 Simple Social Organization Steps that Increase Referrals

You may think that networking is a necessary evil to keep the phone ringing with new clients. But for some lawyers, networking is as easy as showing up to work and being nice to their neighbors. In our space, we have noticed that attorneys who have the best referral networks stay socially organized by following this easy six-step system.

5.  Careers Advice: 7 Effective Tips To Give Your Career A Boost

If you want to move your career forward, then you will need a plan. Your legal career is the sum of all the knowledge, skills, and network you’ve gained from your education, training, previous jobs or experiences. Are you building up these layers or have you stopped? Here are seven tips on how to build a long and healthy legal career, no matter which stage you are on now.

6.  How One Book Helped to Remind me Why I Love Being a Solo  

Everyone goes through ups and downs when first starting out their careers as a solo lawyer. And it can be difficult to remember why you chose the solo path during those times. Follow the journey of one solo lawyer, and how she found joy, inspiration, and confidence in herself and her solo practice after reading this book.

7.  The Big Pivot: How I Transformed My Legal Career

Mark Guay is a successful corporate attorney, but at one point he did not want to practice law anymore. See how some deep reading and a little soul searching helped this attorney transform his legal career.

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