Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

By Law Firm Suites - June 4, 2017
Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

Check out our top performing blog articles!

We’ve gathered the top performing blog articles of the week. Take a look and see what interests you!

1.  25 Must-Have Components for Every Law Firm Website [Infographic]

In today’s legal industry, a well-designed and thorough website is essential to your firm’s success. Seriously, if your firm’s website isn’t up to par, then your practice is in trouble. Use this infographic to make sure your firm’s website is firing on all cylinders and start impressing your clients as soon as they find you online.

2.  My Biggest Regrets Since Starting My Law Practice

“I was recently asked what I would do differently if I had the chance to start my practice all over again? That is a tough question to answer on the spot, and I have since given it a lot of thought.” Follow this article to learn what one solo lawyer would have done differently in her practice if she could go back and start over.

3.  Your Law Firm Website Bio: Why It Matters & Tips For Nailing It

When you’re starting your law firm, many things are running through your head. And although it may seem minor at first, one major element of building a successful law practice is your bio on your firm’s website. With these great tips and insight, you can construct a knock-out website bio, and help your firm to help you stand above the rest!

4.  A Lack of Passion for your Practice will Lead to Financial Ruin

Just stating the obvious – we work more hours than the average professional. The work is intellectually demanding and adversarial in nature, which in and of itself creates a lot of stress, which can impact how much enjoy practicing law. Follow this article to get advice on how to make sure you retain your love and passion for your practice.

5.  Why Your New Jersey Firm Needs A Manhattan Virtual Office

If you are not maintaining a professional identity in New York City, you are literally losing out on tens of thousands of dollars each year in potential new clients and under-billing existing clients. A Manhattan Virtual Office allows New Jersey home-based lawyers to charge a higher hourly rate than their New Jersey only counterparts, regardless of their practice area. The number don’t lie, so what are you waiting for?

6.  The Effect of Automation in the Legal Industry [Infographic]

The legal industry is typically not the fastest when it comes to adapting to and embracing new technology. But regardless, times are changing and the legal industry is changing quickly. Follow this useful infographic to learn how the legal industry is adapting to and slowly embracing help from automated legal tools.

7.  Your Law Firm is Making You Fat and Unhealthy

It’s no secret that many lawyers put their jobs before their health and wellness. This article explores just how running a small firm can impact your health and shares insight from other lawyers on how to make better health choices.

8.  Starting Over as a Solo Attorney: The Secret to My Success

Starting a new career can be a daunting experience, especially if you’re also launching your own business. In this article, IP lawyer, Nancy Baum Delain, shares her story of starting her own law practice in her late 40s, and provides some tips that can help guide you on the path to success as a solo lawyer.

9.  The Single Worst Marketing Mistake Lawyers Make

Lawyers who fail to repurpose their content are wasting valuable billable time and missing out on new business. It’s the easiest way to get more mileage out of your blogging efforts. This article explains simple ways you can use your blog content in other areas of marketing to get more clients.

10.  Why Your Firm Needs To Be Using Video Marketing [Infographic]

last year we saw a huge increase in the amount and effectiveness of video marketing. Marketers have been using video to combat people shortening attention span, and so far it has really been working. Lawyers should be taking advantage of this opportunity too. Use this infographic and learn how video marketing can take your firm to the next level!New Call-to-action

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