7 Best Articles for Avoiding Burnout as a Solo Lawyer

By Law Firm Suites - May 5, 2017
7 Best Articles for Avoiding Burnout as a Solo Lawyer

Avoiding burnout as a solo lawyer is doable if you know how to anticipate it.

These great articles can help you to spot, avoid and resolve burnout as a solo lawyer.

1.  Solo Attorney Burnout: A Real Problem In The Legal World

Are you a solo attorney feeling just overwhelmed or even “over it?” Joleena Louis discusses her own experiences with burnout as a solo attorney and what she does to prevent it.

2.  Are You Experiencing Job Burnout?

Burnout is difficult to recognize when you are in the middle of experiencing it. There’s no easy test or definitive markers shouting at you, warning you about burnout and that you need to take a break. Read this article and discover a series of questions that you can ask yourself, helping you to determine if you’re suffering from burnout.

3.  Burnout: A Necessary Part of Lawyers’ Lives?

Lawyers work in an adversarial, pressured, high-speed environment. Long hours are often marks of success. But with that in mind, have you met an unstressed lawyer? Didn’t think so. What about a burned out lawyer? Now those are more common. Learn about one lawyer’s experience with burnout and get tips on how to get help when you need it most.

4.  Burnout: Avoidable, Not Inevitable

Burnout. You’ve probably heard the term many times and possibly used it yourself to express boredom, fatigue or overall lack of energy and focus. But just because lawyers work in a fast-paced and stressful environment, doesn’t mean we’re subject to burnout. Use this article to learn more about the signs of burnout and discover what you can do to avoid it altogether.

5.  Five Steps to Unplug From Life and Work for a Week

It’s no secret that lawyers don’t take enough vacation. This is especially true for solos, who are entirely responsible for every aspect of their firm. Although, the need to take a break cannot be emphasized enough! Discover five great tips that will help you to take a vacation that will leave feeling recharged and reenergized upon your return.

6.  Manage your energy! 9 habits of people who avoid burnout

The ability to avoid burnout is not a trait that select people are born with, it’s a skill. And just like any other skill, it can be learned and grown. Uncover nine simple habits that have helped other professionals avoid burnout altogether.

7.  A Lawyer’s Guide To Dealing With Burnout: Does Burnout Mean I Should Leave My Job Or The Law Altogether

While not considered a mental illness, burnout can showcase many of the same symptoms as depression. With that being said, burnout can have dramatic effects on both physically and your practice. Use this guide to get a complete understanding of burnout, and get actionable advice from a psychologist who specializes in the legal profession. New Call-to-action

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