Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

By Law Firm Suites - April 16, 2017
Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

Check out our top performing blog articles!

We’ve gathered the top performing blog articles of the week. Take a look and see what interests you!

1.  Want to be a Successful Lawyer? Then you Must Believe in Yourself

As a solo lawyer, you are always learning how to improve your skills. Most likely, there are things that you’ve done that you need to do more consistently, and there are things that you need to stop doing. Follow one solo lawyer’s experiences to learn how she discovered that self-confidence is the first step towards being a successful lawyer.

2.  A Cheap Virtual Office NYC May Not Work Out In The End

Virtual offices in New York City are not hard to come by. Prices range from pricey to cheap and everywhere in between, and for some, going cheap sounds like the best option. However, you get what you pay for and going cheap may have you wondering why you went with it in the first place.

3.  Are Executive Suites Lawyers in NYC Missing Out on Referral Income Through Sheer Ignorance?

Whether you are an attorney with an office in a law firm sublease or another office arrangement, you may be inadvertently overlooking high-quality referral sources from other practice disciplines. Follow this article to learn how lawyers in NYC may be (inadvertently) missing out on thousands in client referrals by not sending referrals to the right lawyers.

4.  3 Tips For Using A Journal In Your Solo Practice

“One of the best tools I’ve found for my practice is a simple spiral notebook. Some call theirs a diary, I call mine a journal.” Here are a few tips from one solo lawyer on how using a journal has helped to shape her firm for the better!

5.  Solo Attorney Burnout: How to Form Good Staff Relationships

If you’re lucky enough to have staff, it is important to make an effort to form a good relationship with them. This will make a difference on those days when you’re feeling burnt out and you need to rely on your staff for support. Here are five tips to help you build positive employer-employee relationships as a solo attorney.

6.  The Big Pivot: How I Transformed My Legal Career

Mark Guay is a successful corporate attorney, but at one point he did not want to practice law anymore. See how some deep reading and a little soul searching helped this attorney transform his legal career.

7.  Philly Clients Impressed by Solo Lawyer’s Virtual Office New York Address

One of our clients had a hunch that by creating a multi-city office presence, he would impress prospective clients in Philly (his primary location). And his hypothesis was correct. Learn how a within a few months of getting his virtual office New York address posted on his firm’s website and stationary, the attorney has seen an increase in leads and has had an easier time signing cases.

8.  The Ethically Compliant Virtual Office in New York

Our profession has been under intense economic pressure for nearly a decade, forcing lawyers to seek more efficient ways to practice. Some lawyers are choosing to drastically reduce their firm’s office footprint, or eliminate it altogether by practicing virtually. Read this article to get a better understanding of the ethical rules regarding virtual offices for lawyers in New York City.

9.  How to Grow Your New York Virtual Law Firm with Paralegal Solutions

Congratulations! You’ve finally launched your virtual law firm in New York. However, you struggle to find time to focus on the growth of your practice because you’re so busy performing day-to-day tasks. Discover why finding the right paralegal solution for your virtual law firm is essential to the success of your practice.

10.  Don’t Make These Foolish Mistakes In Your Law Practice

To have a successful law practice, one needs to know the ins and out of the industry so they can decipher what works best and what doesn’t for their practice. If you keep making the same mistakes, stop it now! It’s better to learn so you can grow and be successful for the future.

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