The Effect of Automation in the Legal Industry [Infographic]

By Law Firm Suites - March 6, 2017
The Effect of Automation in the Legal Industry [Infographic]

Follow this useful infographic to learn how the legal industry is adapting to and slowly embracing help from automated legal tools.

The legal industry is typically not the fastest when it comes to adapting to and embracing new technology. For example, according to a recent study, 15% of lawyers still do not have a website for their firm’s.

So it’s easy to imagine why lawyers have been hesitant towards artificial intelligence in the legal industry. These artificial intelligence systems are composed of algorithms that work to complete certain legal tasks, with minimal help from an actual lawyer.

As these types of programs are becoming more and more common today, there are typically two different types of reactions from lawyers. The first being that these algorithms will put real life lawyers out of work. The second opinion is more optimistic, suggesting that these programs create more opportunities for lawyers.

The legal experts at Law In Order have been researching this topic and have created this infographic about how artificial intelligence is impacting the legal industry worldwide. Follow along to learn more about these programs, and discover why lawyers should be excited for the future of law, not fearful.


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