7 Best Resources for Running an Ethical Law Practice

By Law Firm Suites - January 20, 2017
7 Best Resources for Running an Ethical Law Practice

Great resources that can help you in running an ethical law practice!

Always be sure the law practice you are running adheres to ethical standards. These resources can help you do that!

1.  Maintaining a Conflict-Checking System

Conflicts ignored will without a doubt become much more difficult to resolve in the long run. Follow the advice in this article and implement steps that will help you analyze a conflict with your clients, and then decide how to best resolve the issue.

2.  A Lawyer’s Ethical Responsibility to be Tech Savvy

Like every other profession, lawyers are benefiting from advances in technology. Making it easier and quicker to get work done. But by not accepting and adapting to new technologies, you could actually be doing your clients a disservice. Follow this article to learn how it is not only important for lawyers to stay up to date with new technological advances but necessary as well.

3.  The Difference Between Confidentiality and the Attorney-Client Privilege

Confidentiality and attorney-client privilege. While the two concepts are similar, they do not mean the same thing. And as this article puts it, many attorneys are confusing the two. Use the examples and stories in this article to make sure your not incorrectly using the terms when handling your client’s important information.

4.  Finding the Ethical New York Virtual Office

Without any explicit guidance from the Rules of Professional Conduct or the legislature, New York attorneys must figure out for themselves what the ethically compliant virtual office looks like in order to find a suitable vendor. This video presentation discusses the features of the ethically compliant virtual office in New York, and rates a sample virtual office vendors in the NYC marketplace for ethical compliance.

5.  Things You Didn’t Learn in Law School: Billing  

Billing, like many other things, is one of the essential components of being a successful lawyer. Unfortunately, most law schools don’t teach up and coming lawyers the best practices for effective billing. The author of this article provides not only great tips on billing best practices but also shares advice on how to make sure you’re billing and collecting fees ethically.

6.  5 Legal Ethics Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Law Firm’s Social Media Campaign

Social media is a great resource for getting new clients and displaying your firm’s brand. But, as with all other marketing and communications techniques, lawyers must always be ethically compliant. Follow this article to discover five different hazards other lawyers have failed to avoid when using social media to market their firms.

7.  Top 10 Ethics Traps

As law practice has become more complex, so have professional conduct rules. Read about the most common ethical dilemmas that lawyers come across according to the ABA, and learn how best to avoid them in your firm.

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