Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week for Attorneys

By Law Firm Suites - November 13, 2016
Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week for Attorneys

From legal marketing to attorney fashion and style, our blog has something for every lawyer.

Take a look at our top performing blog articles of the week!

1.  Why I’m Not Afraid of The Future of Law

Some lawyers fear how technology and changing best practices will affect the industry. That future changes will only benefit the client, not the lawyer. Solo lawyer Joleena Louis is not one of those lawyers. Learn why Joleena is excited about the changing industry and future of law, and discover why you should be too.

2.  5 Tips For Keeping Clients Happy as a Solo Attorney

The number one thing solo attorneys constantly worry about is where they’re getting their next piece of business. What if we told you that by keeping your clients happy, you could also worry less about finding new business? Follow this article to learn that by keeping your clients happy, you are also increasing the odds of getting referrals.

3.  Virtual Office NYC Attorney: My Solo Practice Ended My Marriage

Running a solo law practice takes a lot of time and attention away from other aspects of your life. It’s possible your career will impact your personal life and relationships. This article provides a personal account from New York City attorney Vivian Sobers, about on how the success of her solo practice contributed to the failure of her marriage.

4.  Why Law Firms Fail: 8 Things Unsuccessful Solo Attorneys Do

Solo attorneys put a lot on the line when they decide to start their own practice, including money, reputation, and personal relationships. There is a lot of risk– and fear–associated with hanging a shingle, and not every lawyer finds success as a solo. Follow this article and avoid the mistakes that led to other law firm’s demise.

5.  How Solo Attorneys Can Embrace the Power of Authentic Law Firm Marketing

To get new clients, simply putting your name out there is no longer enough. Today’s legal market is saturated with lawyers and the Internet provides potential clients access to a seemingly unlimited choice of legal professionals. Learn how by using simple authentic marketing techniques, you can help your firm stand out from the crowd.

6.  How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Get New Clients

While LinkedIn is a great tool for potentially finding new clients, you will only see results from LinkedIn if you put in the effort. When you attend a networking event, you don’t just stand in the middle of the room expecting people to walk up to you and offer you their cases, the same goes for LinkedIn. Use one solo lawyers experiences to learn how your firm can generate new business with LinkedIn groups.

7.  How to Dress Like a Lawyer: 5 Easy Tips to be a “Knockout” While Knocking Out the Competition

Your fashion sense is a necessary tool for cultivating your personal brand, helping you stand out and can help generate new business for your firm. Follow the tips in this article to learn how your fashion and sense of style can make the right impression and enhance your personal brand.

8.  6 Amazing Stats That Prove LinkedIn is Important for Lawyers [Infographic]

Some attorneys may doubt that LinkedIn marketing can bring in new business for their firm. But what they don’t know is that LinkedIn helps their marketing efforts to sound more authentic and reliable to potential clients. Follow this infographic to discover six game-changing stats about LinkedIn, and how you can use the platform to boost your marketing efforts.

9.  History of the Legal Virtual Office [Infographic]

As technology advances, more and more people have been freed from traditional brick-and-mortar offices, opting instead for a home office with a virtual office address. Use this infographic to learn about the history of the legal virtual office, and discover how a virtual office can help your practice grow.

10.  How My Decision to Practice Law from a Virtual Office Jump-Started My Law Firm

No two solo lawyers have the same story. Each and every one of them started their firms for different reasons, but many first launched their practices from home offices. Follow the story of one solo lawyer, who catapulted her firm towards success by deciding to use a New York City virtual law office.

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