7 Best Articles For Being a Well-Dressed Lawyer

By Law Firm Suites - September 23, 2016
7 Best Articles For Being a Well-Dressed Lawyer

Great article picks can help you with being a well-dressed lawyer!

Looking the part of a lawyer is just as important as how you practice. These great articles can help you build or maintain the professional image that comes with a career in law!

1.  How to Dress Like a Lawyer: 5 Easy Tips to be a “Knockout” While Knocking Out the Competition

Ever notice with many lawyers, fashion and style can often be a hit or miss? Your fashion sense is a necessary tool for cultivating your personal brand and can help seal the deal in terms of getting new business for your firm.  Follow the tips in this article to learn how fashion can help you make a good impression and enhance your personal brand.

2.  Dressing Like a Lawyer on a Student’s Budget

Lawyers do not wear suits for the fun of it. The professional nature of a lawyer in a suit helps to enhance their image and has an impact on their ability to influence others. But at the same time, professional attire is not cheap. Use one lawyer’s experience of suit shopping to help you achieve that powerful and professional look, even if you’re on a student’s budget.

3.  Look Like a Lawyer: Dressing for Success

In today’s legal world, the dress code is not as strict as it once was. More and more lawyers tend to dress in a business casual style as opposed to business professional. This article takes the time to set the record straight, and details what is and is not appropriate for lawyers to wear to work.

4.  5 Courtroom Fashion Flops Lawyers Should Avoid

What you wear in the courtroom can have a major impact on what other lawyers think of you. While you might be a master of your craft, if you don’t look the part it’s likely you will hurt your case versus help.  Follow this article to learn what fashion statements you should avoid, whether you’re in the office or at court.

5.  Clothes Maketh the Lawyer: Fashion Tips for Lawyers

Back in April, The College Of Law blog, Insights, interviewed two lawyers-turned fashion designers on the importance of professional fashion for attorneys.  Use their responses and experience to help avoid some of the worst fashion mistakes made by other lawyers.

6.  Are Natural (Ethnic) Hairstyles Professional For Legal Practice?

One of the benefits of being a solo is that you get to choose your own dress code. Solo lawyer Joleena Louis has always dressed professionally for clients but recently decided to also stop chemically straightening her hair. Follow her journey and see both why she decided to make the change, and what effect that change had on her solo practice.

7.  What Are The Best Types of Clothes for Lawyers to Wear in the Courtroom?

Everyone wants to look their best when standing before a group of people, and lawyers are no exception. This is especially true when standing in front of a courtroom. You want to make a good impression in front of the judge and jury, and this article shows which types of clothes to wear in order to make the best nonverbal impression while in court.

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