Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week for Attorneys

By Law Firm Suites - September 18, 2016
Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week for Attorneys

Interested in dressing your best as a lawyer or renting the right office space? Check out our top articles of the week and see what other lawyers are talking about!

Take a look at our top performing blogs of the week!

1.  Slashing the Cost of Law Office Space in Manhattan

Wanting an office space in Manhattan is not the same as finding one. With less than a 10 percent vacancy rate, Manhattan’s available space is elusive at best. Does this mean you have to sacrifice your vision of the perfect Manhattan space for your firm? Absolutely not. This article outlines the benefits of renting shared office space in NYC and explains why it’s the ideal environment for practicing law.

2.  How I Handle Sexist, Ageist & Racist Adversaries In My Solo Law Practice

Have you ever dealt with discrimination in the courtroom as a solo attorney? If you do nothing and let every instance slide, the offenders will think the behavior is acceptable. Respond too harshly and you’ll be called emotional. This article offers advice for handling court behavior that is unnecessary and detracts from the practice of law.

3.  7 Tips To Earn Income In Your NYC Shared Law Office Space

Keeping revenue flow consistent as a solo attorney is tough, which is why moving into an NYC shared law office space should definitely be on your radar as a solo attorney. This article explains how using your NYC shared law office space can help you find more new business and increase revenue for your firm.

4.  Starting a Solo Law Firm: 3 Things I Considered Before I Quit My Job

Leaving the security of an established firm to go out on you own is not a decision you should make lightly. Starting a solo law firm can be risky, but it is also highly rewarding.This article lists three factors you need to consider before quitting your job to start your own solo law firm.

5.  As a Solo Lawyer, It’s Critical to Plan Ahead for Sick Days

One of the greatest benefits of being a solo is making your own schedule. One unplanned day off may not be a big deal, but what if it’s longer? This article offers advice on how to manage and prepare for longer periods of time off as a solo attorney, ensuring you always have a have a backup plan in place. 

6.  One Way To Better Market Your Firm: Invoicing

Billing. It’s something that is seen as a necessary evil in legal practice. However, it can also be a cool and simple way to market your law practice. This article explains how you can use invoicing as an additional avenue for client communication, which can result in the opportunity for a referral in the future.

7.  10 Tips For Avoiding Solo Attorney Burnout

Running a solo law practice is a lot of work and it isn’t easy. It can be easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed and experience burnout. This article offers advice for effectively managing your solo practice and outlines what steps you should take to stay motivated.

8.  How to Dress Like a Lawyer: 5 Easy Tips to be a “Knockout” While Knocking Out the Competition

Your fashion sense is a necessary tool to cultivate your personal brand because your in-person presentation is what really seals the deal in getting new business for your firm. The way you present yourself will have a strong impact on a client’s willingness to share information with you, pay you a certain fee or hire you altogether. This article offers advice on how to dress as a solo lawyer so you don’t lose out on business.

9.  How Your Upstate Law Practice Can Prosper With A Midtown Manhattan Virtual Office

Upstate New York is an anomaly for some people. Some people detest the thought of living in the area while others find it to be a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. Although, while loving where you live is important, it doesn’t mean that it will make your law firm appear more credible. This article explains how acquiring a Midtown Manhattan virtual office may be the right move for your practice.

10.  YouTube Is Modern Marketing At Its Finest For Law Firms

Want to increase your ranking on the web? Using one of the top rated video media sites in the world could help. YouTube has become more of a rule rather than an option in today’s world of marketing. This article explains how you can leverage the power of YouTube to improve your website’s search rank and connect with potential clients.

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