A Virtual Office can Offset the Cost of a Manhattan Law Office

By Law Firm Suites - September 8, 2016
A Virtual Office can Offset the Cost of a Manhattan Law Office

When you need a prestigious downtown address, but you don’t need the overhead that goes with it, a virtual office can provide the perfect solution.

Modern technology is a marvel. 21st-century advances have made it possible to do virtually everything (or should it be “everything virtually?”) From smart homes to telemedical advances, the world is more connected than ever.

How does that affect your law firm?

For one thing, it has made communicating with your clients¬†simpler. Who doesn’t use a cell phone or send emails to clients? Accessibility of important documents at your fingertips, an increasingly paperless environment, and storage of documents in the Cloud are all tools used by a number of firms both large and small.

However, while you may have enthusiastically embraced some technologies, are you missing out on a significant technological tool you could be using in the form of a virtual office? A virtual office is a great asset you can use to reach more clients and grow your practice, without having to break the bank.

The Smart Tool for Small Firms – The Virtual Office

Before you discount a virtual office as a far-fetched idea for your firm, take a moment to consider the major advantages it provides. First and foremost, the low cost of a virtual office is a major benefit. When compared with a long-term lease, a virtual office stacks up very favorably for solo and small law firms.

Combined with the prestige of a coveted office address, these savings offer a compelling reason to consider a virtual office.

How Does a Virtual Office Work?

Your virtual office will work much like a regular office, but without the headache of increased overhead. You will have a premium office address that offers mail and package collection, even though you are not actually there.

Additionally, you will have access to well-equipped day offices and conference rooms as you need them. A live receptionist answers and screens your calls, without you having to pay a dime for payroll.

Telephone service includes local numbers and remote call forwarding so that you can work from anywhere, but appear to be in Manhattan.

The Value of Collaborative Space

Perhaps one of the most overlooked advantages of a virtual office is the collaborative opportunities such a space facilitates. When working from home, or in some cases a law firm sublet, there are fewer opportunities to network with other lawyers and firms. This access to a community of lawyers leads to more referrals being exchanged, and co-counseling opportunities. Law Firm Suites has a network of law firms leveraging shared space and virtual offices for their practices.

The Bottom Line

Running a solo or small law firm comes with challenges, but your office space does not have to be one of them.

With a virtual office, you can run a lean, agile firm while still taking advantage of the amenities usually associated with a much larger firm – and you don’t even need to be there every day. But the biggest advantage of all is the lower overall cost of a virtual office.

Pay for what your firm needs, and use the savings and prestigious Manhattan address to grow your practice well into the future.

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Law Firm Suites is the leading NYC shared office space for solo attorneys and small law firms. At Law Firm Suites, attorneys get headache free sublet office space, virtual office rentals and litigation hotel services. Law Firm Suites has two locations in Manhattan, one in White Plains NY, and one in Annapolis MD. Law Firm Suites' community of self-employed lawyers are eager to help colleagues succeed, and routinely exchange over $2.5 million in legal business every year in each LFS business center. Connect with Law Firm Suites on Twitter and .

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