For Some Small Firms, an NYC Virtual Office is About Image as well as Function

By Stephen Furnari - August 30, 2016
For Some Small Firms, an NYC Virtual Office is About Image as well as Function

An NYC virtual office helps even the smallest firm next door or several states away compete with major New York firms on a more level playing field.

Appearances can affect trust and credibility. You know that the location of your office does not affect the quality of representation. However, your clients and prospective clients might not. Their perspectives could be subconsciously affected by whether you have a local brick-and-mortar presence.

A virtual office removes those barriers, puts clients at ease and also helps make working in a different jurisdiction less of a hassle for you. It gives you a prestigious NYC address, access to a network of local attorneys and can expand your practice without the cost of renting a full office suite on your own.

Grow From the Suburbs Into NYC

A successful suburban practice might naturally look to the city for growth potential. However, the availability and cost of NYC office space often holds law firms back.

A virtual office rental means you do not have to rent an entire second office for your practice. You can maintain your local practice and gain the additional credibility of a premium address in the city. That broadens your horizons to include clients who might never look outside Manhattan for representation. Moreover, with its professional appearance and access to conference rooms when needed, all that your clients will see is an established New York City firm.

Compete with Major Firms on Their Own Turf

What a shame it is to miss opportunities to other firms just because of your office location. It is no secret that high-end clients show more favor and give more business to firms that look the part. With an NYC virtual office, people get the right impression.

The inherent bias that some sophisticated clients have against small firms need not be a factor with yours. Even if your practice is in another state across the country, you can appear “large as life” in NYC. With more offices to serve clients, your professional reputation looks even stronger. That’s true, even if you never set foot in the City. A good virtual office operator can help you connect with other lawyers who can be your boots on the ground.

Let Virtual Space Pay For Itself

Rental rates for virtual office space vary, but most begin at about $100 monthly for the most modest package. From there, you can opt in with on-site workspace and conference room space as needed to accommodate your practice needs and enhance your professional appearance. With such low rates, one good client will easily pay for a year of virtual office rent.

Another financial benefit of virtual law office space is the potential for referrals. Yours is not the only practice looking for growth. You can connect with other lawyers who’ll send clients your way and vice versa. Through referrals alone, you could dramatically increase your client base and help other lawyers boost theirs.

There’s much to be said about the virtues of an NYC virtual office. Moreover, much of that revolves around opportunities and appearances. Where there once was a barrier between smaller firms and NYC clients, now there’s access that virtually anyone can afford.

Whether you are based next door in New Jersey or as far away as Oregon, clients will view your practice as a credible choice.” class=”hs-cta-wrapper”>
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Stephen Furnari is a self-employed corporate attorney and the founder of Law Firm Suites, the operator of coworking spaces for law firms. Through Law Firm Suites, Furnari has helped hundreds of attorneys launch and grow successful law practices. He is the author of several eBooks, including “7 Deadly Mistakes that Prevent Law Practice Success” and “An Insider’s Guide to Renting the Perfect Law Office”. Stephen has been featured in the ABA Journal, Entrepreneur, New York Daily News and Crain’s New York. Connect with Stephen on Twitter (@stephenfurnari).

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