7 Best Resources for Getting Referrals for Your Small Law Firm

By Law Firm Suites - August 5, 2016
7 Best Resources for Getting Referrals for Your Small Law Firm

Getting referrals for your small law firm can be a challenge. These great resources will help make it easier!

Are you a small firm lawyer looking to get more referrals? We’ve searched the internet and found the best resources for beefing up your referral stream!

1.  How to Rapidly Increase your Referral Network

Are you feeling the pressure to produce more business? You need a solid approach for getting referrals that will keep your pipeline full of new cases, and minimize the feast-and-famine revenue cycle common in small law practices.This eBook will teach you how to generate referrals quickly and waste less time by networking strategically.

2.  How to Get Referrals From Attorneys You Don’t Know

It’s important to remember that developing referral relationships is a process. You should be doing everything possible to build relationships with people so when they need your specific service, you’re first person they call. This article offers simple suggestions for finding, contacting and connecting with more people who could potentially send you referrals.

3.  Make Referral Marketing Work for You

A recent study found that referred clients are more profitable and loyal than normal clients. Referred clients had a higher contribution margin, a higher retention rate, and were more valuable in both the short and long run. This article offers advice for how you can build and manage your network, helping you maximize your number of referred clients.

4.  7 Tips for Getting Referrals in a Manhattan Shared Office Space

One easy way to start getting more referrals is to move your practice into a Manhattan shared office space, where you’ll be surrounded by other lawyers who can refer you new business. However, getting referrals isn’t as easy as showing up. A certain level of effort is required to see a return on your investment. This article lists simple tips you can use to make connections in a shared office space, so you can get more clients and increase your firm’s revenue.

5.  Want Hard Proof that LinkedIn Works? Ask a Lawyer

The traditional business development model no longer works because people are researching and maintaining relationships with lawyers in different ways. This article explains how one lawyer was able to retain more clients by putting more effort into his LinkedIn presence.

6.  The Keys To Getting More Attorney Referrals

There is no better source of new clients for a law firm than through referrals. All attorneys know this. But many law firms never get referrals because they don’t ask for them, or they fail to reciprocate when they do get them. This article lists simple actions you can take to get more referrals and make sure you’re properly leveraging your connections.

7.  Coworking Space for Lawyers: The Ideal Environment for Referrals

The comparative affordability of coworking space means lawyers have the professional environment they need without the crippling expenses of a private office. Weave referrals into the mix and you get a healthier bottom line, where each additional referral will help make a bigger impact. This article explains all the things coworking as to offer for your firm, including lower costs, a prime location, a great community and more referral revenue.

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