5 Ways Virtual Office Space Gives Solos a Professional Edge

By Law Firm Suites - July 18, 2016
5 Ways Virtual Office Space Gives Solos a Professional Edge

Find out why a virtual office space might be the ideal solution for lawyers who want the advantages of working in a prestigious office but also need to manage costs.

Renting a traditional office space may be overkill for some lawyers. It’s like buying a car when you live three blocks from public transportation. Maybe you don’t need a brick-and-mortar office every day, or even a few days per week. A virtual office gives you the flexibility of a great business address and access to professional workspace when you need it.

Here are five reasons why a virtual office might be the perfect situation that gives you a professional edge.

#1: Open a Solo Practice Sooner Than You Thought

Opening a solo practice can be a shock to your wallet. A virtual office makes it more attainable from a cost perspective.

The days of sticking with an unpleasant job at a law firm until you can afford to strike out on your own might nearly be over. Virtual office space is inexpensive compared to an office rental, reducing a new solo’s initial overhead. It allows you more freedom to choose the path that’s right for you without the burden of major office expenses as a deciding factor.

#2: Grow Your Practice in a Different Town or State

There are opportunities everywhere to grow your practice. But one of the biggest roadblocks is finding and operating a separate office in multiple markets. With an inexpensive virtual office space, you can afford to grow your practice, even in major cities throughout the country and around the world without having to be there.

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Selecting a virtual office space where there is a community of lawyers can give you a new, professional group of peers in every town, leading to client referral and co-counsel opportunities that otherwise could take years to develop. As-needed access to conference rooms in major cities around the world is another plus that typically comes with a virtual office.

#3: Present a Professional Face to the World

Quickly building trust is critical for closing new business and building referral relationships. With a virtual office, the face of your practice is polished, professional and helps instill confidence.

A virtual space gives you a premium address for your firm, door and hallway signage, live reception, mail collection and telephone service. Even if you work from home most of the time, your clients will receive a professional presentation.

#4: Use Conference Rooms and Workspaces When You Need Them

You probably don’t need an office-based workspace and conference rooms every day. Using a virtual office, you can “go to work” and have access to a professional conference room when needed.

Sourcing an office or meeting space each time you have an in-person consultation adds a headache to your already busy workload. When office space and conference rooms are built into your virtual office package, you never have to wonder about availability. Clients will feel more secure when they visit the same address each time.

#5: Make Important Connections with Peers

One of the downsides of practicing as a solo in a home-based office is isolation from peers. With a virtual office, you can save costs while networking and collaborating with a group of professional peers.

A new practice comes with a steep learning curve. A virtual office with other attorneys in the community can help you make connections, give and receive referrals, and get advice on how to start and operate a law firm within a lawyer-centric environment .

Virtual office space is the wave of the future. It can help you manage costs and grow your practice in a workspace that might otherwise be unattainable.

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