Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week for Attorneys

By Law Firm Suites - July 10, 2016
Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week for Attorneys

Need help planning your law firm’s budget or legal marketing? We offer all the advice you need to run a successful law practice!

We gathered the most popular articles of the week from our blog. Take a look and see what interests you!

1.  Money Management: 8 Tips To Benefit Your Solo Law Firm’s Bottom Line

Are you worried you might run out of money before you get your next referral? Money management is one of the most stressful parts of running your own law practice, but it is an essential skill to learn. This article offers money management tips that will help you avoid being surprised when you look at your bank account balance.

2.  How Networking Can Quickly Improve Your Law Firm Marketing

New York matrimonial lawyer Joleena Louis has built a traditional, referral-based law practice by using tried and true marketing techniques. Over time, her practice has become one of the most truly authentic brands in legal services, and she has developed a style of marketing that isn’t magical, expensive or difficult. This article explains her networking process, and how building valuable referral relationships can help you achieve the same level of success.

3.  Virtual Office NYC Attorney: My Solo Practice Ended My Marriage

Running a solo law practice takes a lot of time and attention away from other aspects of your life. It’s possible your career will impact your personal life and relationships. This article provides a personal account from virtual office New York City attorney Vivian Sobers, about on how the success of her solo practice contributed to the failure of her marriage.

4.  5 Habits of Small Firm Lawyers Who Find Time for Themselves

Many lawyers do not understand the value of their free time, but small firm lawyers who make an effort to take time off are more productive and less stressed by their law practices. This article lists simple ways successful small firm lawyers find time for themselves, helping you to achieve personal satisfaction in life and perform your best at work.

5.  4 Ways a Law Office in Downtown NYC Shared Space Will Revive Your Practice

Are you noticing that your law firm might be suffering from a decline in new business? Sometimes it can be difficult to keep momentum going when you’re managing your own law practice. This article explains how using law office in Downtown Manhattan could turn things around for your firm, and help you achieve the growth you need to become successful.

6.  The Pros and Cons of Choosing NYC Coworking Space for Lawyers

Running your law practice in a coworking space for lawyers has several benefits, including referral opportunities and a sense of community. However, deciding on an office arrangement isn’t easy, and it’s important to make sure coworking is the right fit for you. This article lists the benefits and possible drawbacks of coworking space, so you can make sure your law firm thrives.

7.  Why Law Firms Fail: 8 Things Unsuccessful Solo Attorneys Do

Solo attorneys put a lot on the line when they decide to start their own practice, including money, reputation and personal relationships. There are many reasons why law firms fail and solos must work hard to sustain their practice. This article lists the things you should avoid doing so you can make sure you maintain a high level of quality service, work product and lifestyle as a solo attorney.

8.  7 Easy Ways to Find Ideas When Starting a Law Firm Blog

Creating and sharing useful content increases brand recognition and makes you look like an expert in your field. In the end, this will help attract new clients. Despite knowing the benefits of blogging, it can be difficult to get started if you don’t know what to write about. This article explains easy methods you can use to come up with compelling ideas for your blog that will attract new business to your law firm.

9.  6 Amazing Stats That Prove LinkedIn is Important for Lawyers [Infographic]

LinkedIn is currently one of the fastest growing social media platforms. If you think your ideal client isn’t using LinkedIn, then you’re wrong. This article contains an infographic that highlights why LinkedIn is a valuable marketing tool for any law firm.

10.  To Avoid Solo Attorney Burnout, Make Time for Family

It is easy to suffer from burnout when you have so many responsibilities as a solo attorney. That is why the most successful lawyers lean on their family to help keep themselves grounded. This article explains how one solo attorney actively makes time for his family, helping him avoid isolation and returning to work feeling more motivated.

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