What We Love About America

By Law Firm Suites - July 4, 2016
What We Love About America

Happy fourth of July! This Independence Day, we at Law Firm Suites want to share what we love most about America.

Today we wanted to take the time to show our appreciation for this great nation in which we live. Law Firm Suites is made up of a very diverse group of people located in both New York City and northeast Florida; we want to introduce them all, and share what it is about America they admire most.

Here is our Law Firm Suites family and what they love most about the United States of America:

Stephen Furnari

americaWhat I love about America is the freedom to pursue your dreams. In America, if you want it bad enough, and work hard enough you get what you want, you can still accomplish anything.






Eddie Gamez

AmericaWhat I love about living in America is having the ability to challenge societal norms. I can be something completely opposite of what those with similar ethnic, political, or even economic backgrounds expect me to be based on my age, orientation or gender.  Even if my opinions are unpopular or go against the grain, the only thing that matters is that as long as I believe in my own truth and I’m not bothering anyone else, I can live how I want to live, while enjoying a few dirty martinis along the way.




Andrea Verdi

americaI love that I can choose to go to a city, a beach, the mountains, a museum, a National Park, a restaurant, a concert or the movies, and be surrounded by a diverse group of people who are free to be who they are and do what they want. The opportunities are endless, all you have to do is reach for them.




Sam Jackson

americaI love America because I am given opportunities to pursue whatever my dreams may be, as long as I am driven I can do anything. On top of that, the diversity and camaraderie of this nation is incredible. Even though our country is a giant melting pot of different people, we have a great shared sense of pride and love for America, it’s a massive family I am so happy to be a part of.




Jayson Smith

americaI love America because despite the challenges we face, the majority of the American people are united in making progress for all ages, races, genders and orientations.






Nabila Khan

americaWhat I love about America Is the diversity in this nation. It is settled by immigrants from all over the world. The fact that people from all corners of the globe want to come here and make a living for themselves says a lot about the greatness of this country.




Philippe Andre

Phil (1)What I love about America is that it provides people an opportunity to follow their dreams and strive for success. America was built on the idea that as long as you have the drive and determination nothing will stop you from reaching your goals.





Erin Verdi

americaIn this country we can push the boundaries defined by the social norms. When reaching out to something new, one is ever alone. There is always an avant garde movement to follow or pull inspiration from. Another thing I especially love is that, if in the right city, you can get food from any country in the world at any time of day.




Emelia Johnson

americaI love America because there are so many opportunities available to everyone. With hard work and dedication you will be able to achieve the “American Dream” and discover your own true meaning of success.






From all of us here at Law Firm Suites, we want to wish you a happy Independence Day!

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