7 Best Articles for Hosting a Great Lawyer Networking Event

By Law Firm Suites - June 24, 2016
7 Best Articles for Hosting a Great Lawyer Networking Event

Interested in hosting your own lawyer networking event as a solo or small firm? These articles can help!

Networking events are a great way for lawyers to build business relationships and meet new referral sources. Interested in hosting your own?

These articles can help solos and small firm lawyers plan and execute a great networking event that will benefit every lawyer in attendance.

1.  Why Your Law Firm Should Throw an Event

Before you plan for your networking event, it’s critical to know why you should be throwing it. This article discusses how throwing an event boosts your business development, and gives examples of the different events you can host to make the biggest impact.

2.  How to run successful networking events

Are you interested hosting your own networking event but not sure where to start? This article gives insight into what you need to understand in order to throw the perfect networking event that offers great content and helps build relationships.

3.  5 Quick Tips for Choosing the Perfect Event Theme

Throwing a successful networking events requires picking a unique and memorable theme. This article provides five simple tips that can help you pick an event theme that will make your guests glad they attended.

4.  How to Make Sure People Actually Attend Your Networking Event

Planning your own networking event is a great way to make sure you’re meeting exactly the right people who can turn into valuable referral sources for your firm. The difficult part is making sure those people actually attend. This article explains a tutorial you can use to attract people to your event and make sure your attendees are just as excited about it as you are.

5.  Hate Going to Networking Events? Host Your Own

If you happen to hate networking events, then you may prefer hosting your own so you have control over the activities and guest list. This article explains all the reasons you would enjoy hosting your own networking event and why you’re more than qualified to do it.

6.  7 Steps for Planning a Kick-Ass Networking Event

Hosting your own networking event allows you to transition from being just another professional trying to make contacts, to a business leader in the community facilitating relationships. This article details what you need to do in order to pull off a successful event that will impress your peers.

7.  The Small Event Planning Checklist

One of the most important things to remember when planning a networking event is to stay organized and having a checklist can help. This article provides a simple process you can follow to make sure you meet the expectations of your guests.

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