7 Best Articles for Finding the Right Law Office Rental

By Law Firm Suites - May 20, 2016
7 Best Articles for Finding the Right Law Office Rental

Finding the right law office rental for your firm is a difficult process, but these resources can help.

Finding the right law office rental takes a lot of thought and time. Whether you’re looking for a virtual office or a workstation, you always have to consider the needs of your firm and your clients.

Check out these great resources that can help you make the right decision:

1.  10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing an Office Space

Choosing office space for your law firm is a stressful experience because you know your decision will impact the success of your business. This article provides questions you must ask yourself before signing a lease so you can properly assess whether the space will meet your future needs, as well as your current situation.

2.  The Pros and Cons of Choosing NYC Coworking Space for Lawyers

There are many benefits that explain the rising popularity of coworking space for lawyers, but there are also some potential obstacles you should consider before choosing coworking. If you know what to expect, then you’ll be more successful. This article explains what you need to know about what it’s like to run a law firm using coworking space so you can make an informed decision.

3.  Would You Rent Office Space If It Only Cost $500/Month – And What Can We Do To Make That Happen?

Some lawyers believe that if solos don’t start their law firm with office space, then they will be destined to fail. However, many solos lack the financial means to rent their own space and opt to work from home instead. This article examines the home versus office space debate and explains the importance of affordable office space.

4.  Why Attorneys Sharing Law Office Space Thrive [Infographic]

Many studies have show than solo professionals are more successful when they share office space within a collaborative community of their peers. This article shares insight into the benefits experienced by attorneys who share office space, which are highlighted by the results of a survey of actual self-employed lawyers who operate their firm in a shared space.

5.  The Perfect Virtual Law Office Address

If you’re a solo attorney working from a home office, then getting a virtual office is the best thing you can do to conserve your safety and your reputation. This article explains many of the options you have when selecting a virtual office, detailing the costs and weighing the benefits.

6.  7 Frequently Asked Questions about Workstation Rentals in a NYC Legal Suite

Solo attorneys from all backgrounds and experience levels are starting to use workstations to run their law practice. Whether you want to use a workstation on a temporary basis or as your permanent office arrangement, it helps to gain an understanding of what working from one is like before you commit. This article provides answers to common questions about workstations as well as advice for how to make the arrangement work for you.

7.  Tips for finding the right office space and lease

Making the right decision about office space requires careful planning and a deep understanding of your firm’s needs. The whole process to take six to eight months. This article provides guidelines for how you should assess the needs of your firm and how you can communicate them to a real estate broker or landlord.
An Insider's Guide: How to Rent the Perfect Law Office

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