Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week for Attorneys

By Law Firm Suites - May 15, 2016
Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week for Attorneys

The best resources for learning how to run a successful small law practice.

Need advice for finding new revenue or help deciding which office arrangement works best for your law firm? We blog about everything self-employed lawyers needs to know. Take a look:

1.  What Exactly Is a Temporary Meeting Room?

Sometimes your own office space can’t meet all of your needs, which means you’ll have to seek out a short term rental. This article explains why a firm would need a temporary meeting room, where to find one and how you can benefit from one.

2.  How Should You Decorate Your NYC Shared Office Space?

In a field that is highly fueled by referrals, attorneys should be doing everything possible to create and nurture new relationships. This article outlines how decorating your shared law office with a professional and personal style can help facilitate conversations and result in prolonged referral relationships.

3.  7 Tips To Earn Income In Your NYC Shared Law Office Space

A key reason why attorneys decide to rent shared law office space is to meet potential referral sources. You never know when you’ll meet another attorney who can refer you new business or invite you to collaborate on a case. This article provides tips to help you seek our referrals and use your shared law office space to keep your revenue flow consistent.

4.  A Bowling Green Executive Suite Can Greatly Benefit Solo Attorneys

Your office space needs to be the place where you can be productive and enhance your image as a solo attorney. This article explains how a Bowling Green executive suite will provide you with the perfect place to get work done, while allowing you to keep costs low and create new revenue for your firm at the same time.  

5.  Your Virtual Office NYC Community Can Provide You With Necessary Legal Support

The most common complaint among home-based solo lawyers is that it can be very isolating to work from home all the time. This article details how a virtual office will provide you with opportunities to connect with your peers and develop valuable professional connections.

6.  How Your Upstate Law Practice Can Prosper With A Midtown Manhattan Virtual Office

Making your law firm more credible and accessible to clients is what will bring new business to your firm. This article explains how you can expand your upstate law firm into Midtown Manhattan with an inexpensive virtual office so you can boost your reputation and grow your law practice.

7.  The “Written” And “Unwritten” Rules of Conference Room Etiquette

An attorney in a shared space must always be aware of proper conference room etiquette because it can impact their referral potential. This article lists all the rules you need to follow when sharing conference rooms so you can keep your reputation intact and maintain positive relationships with your colleagues.

8.  Could Coworking Be An Option For Your Law Practice?

Lawyers have been coworking for decades. Running your law practice surrounded by like-minded professionals can reap certain advantages than other types of office arrangements. This article explains three ways coworking can benefit your firm and even lead to an increase in new revenue.

9.  Virtual Office NYC: It May Not Be A Good Option To Go Cheap

A virtual office is an inexpensive office arrangement with many benefits, but selecting the cheapest option isn’t always the best decision. This article outlines the challenges you could face if you choose a low-cost virtual office over a full service provider.

10.  7 Signs You Aren’t Ready to Practice Law with a New York Virtual Office

Getting a virtual office for your home-based law firm is great for your professional image. However, there are other things you must consider when deciding to operate your law firm through a New York virtual office. Otherwise, you won’t experience the full benefits and you might even jeopardize the success of your firm. This article explains ways you could be wasting the potential of your virtual office so you can change your behavior and take control of your success.  
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