7 Best Articles for Better Stress Management for Solo Lawyers

By Law Firm Suites - March 18, 2016
7 Best Articles for Better Stress Management for Solo Lawyers

Check out our picks for the best the articles for stress management for lawyers. See what can benefit you and your law firm!

Stress is a common occurrence for a solo lawyer and can even prevent the success of their law practice. Managing stress the right way will allow you to stay healthy and keep moving forward.

Take a look at these resources offering advice for solo lawyers dealing with stress and see what can potentially help you!

1.  5 Tips to Avoid Stressing Out as a Solo Attorney

Some attorneys underestimate the amount of stress associated with being solo. As you transition into becoming your own boss, you’ll find the stresses of being an employee in a firm are quite different from those in solo practice and sometimes operating your own business can be overwhelming. This articles provides tactics you can use to prevent feeling too consumed with stress when running your law practice.

2.  How to Handle Stress in the Moment

Most advice for stress management involves things you can do in the long term to prevent or reduce stress. But what can you do to regain control the moment you start stressing out? This article explains techniques you can use to properly handle your reaction to stressful situations so you don’t damage relationships or your reputation.

3.  5 Essential Tips on How to Deal with Financial Stress

Financial stress is common among solo attorneys, especially if you’re struggling with getting new clients. Emotional distress related to financial problems can have a negative impact on both your physical and mental health. This article shares simple tips that can help you reduce debt and start dealing with financial stress immediately.

4.  Attorneys: 12 Guidelines For Lawyers To Manage Stress

When you sign up to be a lawyer, you’re committing to getting massive amounts of work done each day, but at what cost? You might think you’re used to tight deadlines and long days, but you still need to take care of yourself. This article highlights steps you can take manage your stress on a day-to-day basis and avoid suffering the consequences of chronic stress.

5.  10 Tips For Avoiding Solo Attorney Burnout

Feeling overwhelmed and burnt out is common among solo attorneys because you’re forced to wear so many hats. Doing simple things like learning how to delegate or spending more time with your family can help mitigate these feelings. In this article civil litigation attorney Kerith Kentish shares his best tips for avoiding solo attorney burnout

6.  Managing Risk: Lawyers Managing Stress and Anxiety

Your ability to cope with the pressures of being a solo attorney will determine your success as well we as your ability to stay healthy and avoid making costly mistakes. This article explains ways you can control stress so it doesn’t affect your practice.

7.  Top Tips for Managing Stress

Do you know how to use a stressful day to fuel the growth of your law practice? Poorly managed stress can become a crisis, but research shows proper stress management can improve your memory, help you solve problems and boost your energy level. This article provides top tips for dealing with stress so it becomes a positive force in your professional life.

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