Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

By Law Firm Suites - January 10, 2016
Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

The articles solo and small firm attorneys found most interesting this week.

Whether it’s mistakes solo attorneys make or how to improve branding, the Law Firm Suites blog has something for everyone. Take a look at our Top 10 blog posts of the week and see what interests you!

1)  4 Biggest Mistakes Solo Attorneys Make

Solo attorneys make mistakes. Take a look at the biggest mistakes solo attorney, Joleena Louis, has made and what she learned from them.

2)  4 Steps for New Solos to Get Clients

It can be a struggle to build a solo practice, especially when you start out with no clients. Virtual office lawyer, Vivian Sobers, used a 4-step process to go from zero clients to getting high profile cases in less than a year.

3)  Choosing a Narrow Practice Niche Made My Solo Law Firm More Successful

Choosing a specialized practice area can help you describe your ideal client to referral sources, which will make it easier for them to send you quality cases. Learn how a practice niche results in more referrals.

4)  5 Branding Tips for Solo Attorneys from Unlikely Sources

Did you ever expect to get branding tips from reality television? As it turns out, there’s a lot to learn from reality starlets. From Bethenny Frankel to Joan Rivers, here are five of the best tips for branding your solo firm and building a stronger reputation.

5)  5 Easy Tips to Market a Solo Practice Using Printed Materials

Electronic marketing techniques are great, but print is something that will never go out of style. Here are some simple and inexpensive tricks to market your practice using printed materials.  

6)  [Video] What is a Virtual Law Office?

Sometimes when the words “LAW” and “VIRTUAL” are put together they are used interchangeably to describe three very different concepts, and getting it wrong can have a meaningful impact on an attorney’s compliance with ethics rules. Check out our quick video slide deck that finally sets the record straight about what is a virtual law office.

7)  10 Best Articles for Organizing Your Law Office

One of the biggest challenges reported by solos is managing overwhelm. Good organization skills will make your practice more efficient, while increasing profits and freeing up time. Here’s our list of the best articles on organizing your office.

8)  The Rise of the Legal Virtual Office

With the profession changing so rapidly, lawyers are choosing virtual offices to reduce overhead and expand into new markets. But virtual law practice isn’t a new phenomenon, it has been around for decades. This article takes a look at the at the past, present and future of the legal virtual office.

9)  9 Best Articles for Starting a Solo Law Firm

Need advice for starting your solo law firm? These articles can help you get started.

10)  How to Build a Personal Brand as a Solo Attorney

Branding is important in any business, especially when it comes to law firms. Learn what you can do to build your personal brand and stand out from the competition.

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