Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week

By Law Firm Suites - December 20, 2015
Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week

From attorney burnout to holiday gifting ideas, we’re sharing our most popular blog articles of the week. See what we chose!

Here you have it: our top 10 best performing blog posts of the week. Take a look and see what blogs spark your interest!

1.  10 Tips For Avoiding Solo Attorney Burnout

Burnout happens. For solo attorneys, there it’s likely that doing everything on your own can stress you out. Civil litigation attorney, Kerith Kentish, gives us his top tips for avoiding burnout.

2.  10 Best Articles for Organizing Your Law Office

An organized law office is a productive law office. Law Firm Suites chooses its top articles on the web for proper organization that can help any attorney succeed.

3.  Shop Talk: Clients Who Don’t Pay Piss Me Off

Are your clients hard to get ahold of when the time comes to collect? Law Firm Suites founder and corporate attorney, Stephen Furnari, gives his opinion on just how frustrating clients who don’t pay can be, and urges attorneys to be more assertive with their collections.  

4.  Starting a Solo Law Firm: 3 Things I Considered Before I Quit My Job

Personal injury attorney, Kel Vrana, quit his job and went on to start his own solo law firm. But he didn’t do it without considering three important things. Check out his advice, which may help you decide if going solo is the right choice for you.

5.  7 Great Holiday Gifts for Solo Attorneys

Attorneys love receiving gifts, but it can also be difficult to shop for them. Solo attorney, Joleena Louis, takes out all the guesswork and gives us her ideas on what would make a great gift for the attorney in your life.

6.  8 Steps to Good Conference Room Etiquette

In a shared law office, conference time is essential for organizational flow. However, without the proper etiquette, you can find yourself missing out on opportunities that can help to build your practice. Here are some great tips to help you shine in a shared law office space.

7.  Vivian Sobers, Virtual Office Lawyer: 4 Steps for New Solos to Get Clients

It is common to go solo and have no clients starting out. Check out some great tips from virtual office attorney, Vivian Sobers, on how to get new clients as a solo with a new practice.

8.  Should Attorneys Charge a Consultation Fee?

It’s the age-old question for attorneys: do you charge a consultation fee? Your time as a solo attorney is important, and Joleena Louis gives us her reasoning for why she charges a fee in her practice.

9.  The Ethically Compliant Virtual Office in New York

What exactly constitutes an ethically compliant virtual office? Stephen Furnari reflects on his recent CLE Webcast with the NYSBA, where he discussed New York Judiciary Law s. 470 and virtual law office ethics.

10.  How to Improve Your Legal Writing (Part 1)

Legal writing is an important skill to possess as an attorney, and it is never something you stop improving. Solo attorney, Joleena Louis, gives us Part 1 of a two-part series discussing how to improve legal writing.
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