10 Best Articles for Organizing Your Law Office

By Law Firm Suites - December 11, 2015
10 Best Articles for Organizing Your Law Office

Organization is critical to the success of a solo law practice. Check out our top ten articles for organizing your law office space.

Time is something that is always in short supply for solos. When you’ve got clients breathing down your neck and you’re balancing all the responsibilities of being self-employed, the last thing you’re thinking about is organizing your law office. But if you’d like a little extra time for yourself once in a while, good organization skills are critical.

Whether you work from home or in a shared office space, organizing your law office can help you find information more quickly, think more clearly, and make a better impression on clients.

Here is a list of our favorite resources to help you get organized:

1.  Here’s how your desk should be organized

According to CNN Money, surveys show the average person loses an hour a day to disorganization. That is a whole hour you could have used to complete billable client work. Using the right layout for your deskspace can maximize productivity.

2.  7 Organization Hacks For Your Desk So You Can Be Even More Productive

For many people, stress levels are directly proportional to how messy their desk looks. This article lists a few inexpensive office items that can help you get organized in no time.

3.  5 Very Clever Ideas For Organizing Your Office

Have you ever thought of using bread clips as labels? Check out this list of creative items and methods for organizing an office.

4.  7 desk-organizing tips to make you look forward to returning to work in January

Decluttering your workspace can help ensure a better start to the New Year. As January approaches, you should try to implement these tips for organizing your office space.

5.  How to Transform Your Desk into a Command Center

Your desk should be a “command center,” where everything you need for your daily legal work is within arm’s reach. A Professional Organizer lists top tips for turning your workspace into a command center.

6.  How to Organize Your Office for Maximum Productivity

An organized space provides solo attorneys with a feeling of control and competence. It’s important to take steps towards organizing your law office for optimal performance.

7.  Get Organized: 8 Tricks for Keeping a Neat Desk

The condition of your workstation can make a huge impact on your mood and state of mind. Learn some tricks for keeping a neat desk if you want to feel ready to tackle the work day.

8.  10 Tips to Keep Your Desk Clean, Organized & Productive

You’ll be amazed at how much more you can get done in a clean, organized space. Check out these tips for keeping your workspace productive so you’ll never get behind in your work.

9.  21 Tips to Organize Your Office and Get More Done

Clearing off your desk or creating piles of papers doesn’t count as organizing your office. Treat your efforts as an ongoing process instead of a single mission to clear out your space. Start incorporating some best practices for staying organized into your routine.

10.  What Working With 100 Lawyers Has Taught Me About Having an Organized, Productive Work Space

A former lawyer gives her four basic steps for clearing out clutter. She suggests you make an appointment with yourself and start with easy, actionable organizing tasks that will make your entire work day more productive.

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