Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week

By Law Firm Suites - November 15, 2015
Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week

Law Firm Suites wants to share with you our top posts of the week. Take a look!

Here we have it! Law Firm Suites’ best performing blogs of the week. Take a look and see what might interest you! 

1.  Solo Attorney Burnout: A Real Problem In The Legal World

Are you a solo attorney feeling just overwhelmed or even “over it?” Joleena Louis discusses her own experiences with burnout as a solo attorney and what she does to prevent it. 

2.  Why Attorneys Must Embrace Social Media

One of the most reluctant types of professionals to jump on the social media bandwagon is the attorney. Are you one of them or have you made the choice to utilize social media as a legal marketing tool? If you haven’t, here’s why you should.

3.  Shop Talk: Clients Who Don’t Pay Piss Me Off

Law Firm Suites founder, Stephen Furnari, shares his past collection issues with deadbeat clients and how he modified his billing practices.

4.  How I Learned a New Practice Area in My Solo Practice

Learning a new practice area can be tough, but as a solo it’s even more difficult. Joleena Louis tells us how she started taking on adoption cases and how she plans to become a well-versed adoption attorney in the future.

5.  8 Steps to Good Conference Room Etiquette

In shared law office space, conference room etiquette is a must. Learn what you can do to maintain the respect of your neighbors and enhance your reputation among your peers.

6.  5 Branding Tips For Solo Attorneys From Unlikely Sources

Branding is something that all attorneys should do to stand out in the legal market. Sometimes inspiration is needed from elsewhere. Here are the best tips from non-attorney sources to boost your solo attorney brand!

7.  Vivian Sobers, Virtual Office Lawyer: 4 Steps for New Solos to Get Clients

Newly solo and trying to get clients? Vivian Sobers has been there, and now she is a successful solo attorney. Here are the steps she took to get new clients.

8.  Should Attorneys Charge a Consultation Fee?

Many attorneys are split on the matter of consultation fees. Do you charge one or not? Joleena Louis discusses how she made the decision to charge clients an initial consultation fee.

9.  How Fear of Failure Affects A Solo

Joleena Louis, like other solo attorneys, knows fear of failure has a huge impact on her solo law practice. But is it really failure when you done everything possible to succeed? Here are her thoughts.

10.  The Ethics of Using Online “Customer Reviews” in Attorney Marketing

In the age of Yelp! and Avvo, is it really ethical to trust online reviews of attorneys? Stuart Reich of  Law Office of Stuart J. Reich gives us his opinion on customer reviews and their impact of an attorney’s practice.
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