A Dual Licence Means You May Need A New York City Virtual Law Office

By Law Firm Suites - August 28, 2015
A Dual Licence Means You May Need A New York City Virtual Law Office

Are you wasting money with a dual license that you never use? Stop it now and put it to use with a New York City virtual law office.

Having an additional license in another state is not uncommon for practicing attorneys. In NYC there are many states in such close proximity that it’s often wise to do so should you encounter a case that covers multiple jurisdictions.

A dual license gives off better credibility and ultimately acts as an additional income stream. Obtaining a New York City virtual law office allows one to potentially make their mark in such a booming market.

Quite often, additional licenses are rarely acknowledged and in most cases utilized for contingency purposes. The problem is that these cost money to keep active and if not utilized, is just wasted money.
Each license you obtain should be acknowledged for its potential, therefore a New York City virtual office can help you get what you need from this additional license.

The scoop on a virtual office.

A New York City virtual office is a rental arrangement where attorneys can pay low monthly fee (typically starting at under $100 month) to rent the use of a commercial address and have access to office space and conference rooms on an as-needed basis. New York City virtual offices are frequently used by solo attorneys and small law firms who work from one place (out of town or from a home office) but want a premium commercial office address in a different location.

If I get a virtual office, how does it help me?

A virtual office allows one to build a foundation and foster their own reputation to attain New York City credibility.

New York is the center of just about every industry. Entertainment, fashion, tech…it’s all here! Why wouldn’t you set up shop here or at least aspire to do so? A virtual office makes geography a non-issue.

Is it just a colossal waste of money?

When compared to a physical office space, virtual offices come with a cheaper price tag. Low fees are appealing, but an attorney must be weary of the provider and the quality of service.
Make sure you find a provider with a solid legal community as it will help you maximize your referral potential.

Seriously, how does that help me?

Most attorneys are admitted in a single state, so your dual admission should give you an edge indefinitely. While those with singular admission are limited to one state, you have the chance to obtain even more exposure. Your firm in Connecticut has such close proximity to New York that an issue may arise involving New York City. Someone with single admission may need to:

  1. Obtain local counsel, or
  2. Refer the matter out entirely.

Dual license gives you the legal credibility to take advantage of legal opportunities in a particular state. You don’t have to give up work just because you don’t have license. Using your virtual community to the fullest means you have potential at your disposal.

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