Beware of Differing Cultures In A Shared Office Space NYC

By Law Firm Suites - August 6, 2015
Beware of Differing Cultures In A Shared Office Space NYC

Attorneys need a very specific professional environment. Make sure your shared office space NYC is right for your needs.

When you think of attorneys, you think of a profession that needs quiet and privacy for delicate matters. This is because attorneys have a very particular type of business culture where certain ethics must be adhered to indefinitely.
If these ethics are not practiced it can result in severe penalties.

A shared office space benefits like-minded individuals.

Work habits must be accommodated in your shared office space NYC. Attorneys typically have long hours and need that private and quiet atmosphere. You never know what important information could be being discussed.
Law offices are typically a very professional environment and this is exuded in the work and so forth. Depending on the attorney, even clients are expected to be professional in all cases.

This is attorney culture at its finest.

It is not uncommon for attorneys of polar opposite practices to share an office space. For example, immigration and taxes are mutually exclusive in terms of practice area, but you can find tax attorneys and immigration attorneys coexisting in a shared office space on many occasions with little to no issues.
This cannot be said for attorneys and various other types of professions.

A shared office space has to meet your needs to be a right fit.

Imagine you are sitting at your desk going over a deposition and need to have another document drafted by 8:00 A.M. the next morning. That wouldn’t be a problem if the tech guys next door weren’t playing a game of table tennis and getting their entire crew riled up. You don’t have time for that.

It is not uncommon for executive office centers to be greatly varied where you have multiple types of professionals because the center does not cater to a particular type of client.

While it is difficult to find office space, it is also made easy to obtain a space based on occupation. In many shared spaces, all you need is a deposit and the monthly rent and that’s it. Unlike an environment that caters to attorneys, you may find an environment that is a mismatch of nonsense that can ultimately hurt your career.
A psychic, fashion designer, or even an artist could potentially occupy the space next to you and while that may not necessarily be a bad thing, it in no way will help your career.

Each profession has a different business culture, some of which may clash with yours.
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