Why Do Solos Choose Lawyer Coworking Space Manhattan?

By Law Firm Suites - July 10, 2015
Why Do Solos Choose Lawyer Coworking Space Manhattan?

A solo’s workspace needs to make sense and a lawyer coworking space Manhattan may just be your best bet.

Can you inform me about coworking?

Coworking – The Verb

Coworking as a verb is a type of work option in which professionals share a work environment. While this occurs in virtually all employee work settings, coworking doesn’t necessarily mean they are affiliated with the same agency; it just means that they work in close proximity to each other.
Any shared law office space is technically a co-working environment. This benefits attorneys in a variety of ways such as an invaluable referral system and even practice advice.

Coworking – The Noun

Coworking as a noun is indicative of the type of physical space where work takes place. These types of spaces are typically large rooms. They have a casual vibe as opposed to the traditional office space which may be a little more buttoned up and formal. Large tables are a common theme with a plethora of seating. The decor may represent a particular vibe and even some perks like coffee or beer may be available.

Is coworking – the verb – the right avenue for solos?

A lawyer coworking space Manhattan, when done correctly, can be one of the most suitable options for attorneys. Collaboration is key for the legal profession and a coworking space promotes it.
The term “coworking” is relatively new to the profession, but in many senses has been around for quite some time.

The act of collaborating is the base of coworking and what makes it so successful. Having others around to show off your expertise is essential to building a legal reputation.

Is coworking – the noun – a good fit for lawyers?

Coworking is not for everyone, but for the home-based solo in need of a workspace at a low cost, coworking may be the best option.

Location is everything in your provider. This is relevant to geography and business culture.

You have to ensure that the space is right for you and your clientele.and the office supports the image you want to promote. Depending on your profession, one office center might be better for a tech professional and not a lawyer.

3 Reasons why lawyers choose coworking.

1. It is much cheaper than a typical office rental.

Convenience is what drives people to purchase anything these days. Affordability is part of that convenience, especially for those in need of an office address.
Saving money is key and it still allows you to keep your house as your primary work area.

Coworking centers typically charge between $300 and $800 dollars a month for access to a non-exclusive space in the coworking center (read: First-Come-First-Served).

Solos may like this option because it doesn’t promote the overhead a typical rental agreement would pose. This only helps you in the profession.

2. It offers collaborative opportunities in a social environment.

In order to receive the most out of a shared office space, it has been our experience that those who use the space the most reap the most benefits. Attorneys are able to use a dedicated space and work around like-minded colleagues that are there to get a job done.

With the help of other attorneys in your work area, it makes it easier to practice more efficiently. The knowledge is right at your fingertips.

For example, in a B-to-C practice such as immigration, attorneys often have practice questions in family law, criminal defense and employment.

Having access to other colleagues is a pinnocal of a lawyers-only shared office space. This community of like minded individuals allows the idea of of full-service style representation to be more true and carry as much validity as possible.

3. There is an opportunity to increase your income through referral sharing.

When a work environment is collaborative, especially in the case of coworking centers, there is often the instance of client referrals.

Coworking structure is styled in a way that boosts growth by promoting networking and collaboration opportunities. An absence of physical walls displays the concept of easy access, therefore, it promotes and creates professional relationships that last. A friend made in the office has the potential for referral sharing which can have a direct impact to to your finances and fees.

This being said, referral sharing is a direct function of the types of members within the coworking community. Multi-professional coworking facilities generally skew to tech heavy clientele. Traditionally, these types of professionals are not the best referral source for attorneys. On paper, it may seem like shooting fish in a barrel, but in reality, these types of professionals are generally not in a position to refer meaningful business to solo attorneys and small law firms.

If the center you choose is exclusive to lawyers, it may be the best solution for building relationships that help your career.

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