A Virtual Law Office Grand Central Can Give Access To Potential Collaborative Opportunities

By Law Firm Suites - July 9, 2015
A Virtual Law Office Grand Central Can Give Access To Potential Collaborative Opportunities

A virtual law office Grand Central is not only a cost effective way to expand your practice, but also a way to enhance your potential for collaborative opportunities.

Acquiring a virtual law office Grand Central has a lot of weight in its effect on your legal career. It is presented as a chance to grow your career and potentially collaborate with other attorneys. If you a New Jersey based attorney with a dual license, acquiring a virtual office in Manhattan especially benefits your legal identity and expands your presence to the NYC legal industry.

Virtual offices are typically offered by the operators of executive suites or professional business centers.  A virtual office provides all the services and amenities you would expect from a traditional brick and mortar law office suite , but at a much lower cost (usually starting at around $100 dollars a month.) With a virtual office NYC, a New Jersey attorney would get a premium Manhattan commercial address, access to reception services, mail collection and forwarding, and access to well-appointed conference rooms and work spaces.

Who would need a virtual office Grand Central?

Beyond a traditional office rental, virtual offices provide a different setup for attorneys with different needs.The main difference is how fees are paid. Fees for services are paid for on a per use basis. You don’t pay for the monthly overhead a traditional office would constitute and are given a much lower monthly fee.
Having a virtual law office Grand Central helps that out-of-state firm or attorney to be associated with the NYC legal market without having to change their entire life.

But a virtual office can be more than just a place to receive your mail and have meetings when you are in New York City. A good virtual office operator will play an active role in the virtual office community to foster innovation and collaboration among members of their virtual office community. Over time, this feature can be a valuable asset to a firm whose physical office space may be outside of New York County and may require some assistance with local procedural rules and forms.

Having a network of lawyers in your virtual law office Grand Central promotes your success.

For example, at Law Firm Suites, virtual office meet-ups are not only encouraged, but they are facilitated by the onsite staff. We actively serve as a liaison between our virtual office clients who seek resources or who are looking to refer cases to other attorneys.  Nurturing relationships is key in the practice of law. with all our virtual office clients, they know they can rely on us to do what they need to do to ensure they are connected to other local attorneys.

Your virtual office should be a place where you know a vibrant legal community exists. This ensures the growth of your legal practice.
Another thing to keep in mind is that the provider is active in building the community and promoting community interaction.
Why not collaborate with those who have good potential to helping your growth? This only helps you to succeed.

Given the close proximity to the New York legal market, many New Jersey-based attorneys acquire and maintain licenses on a contingency basis. With a virtual office NYC, you may soon find yourself on the Garden State Parkway heading to your Franklin Lakes office while receiving cases referred to you by your virtual office NYC peers.

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